Why a GPS Tracker is Essential for Outdoor Activities with Your Family

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GPS Tracking guys

Before we go ahead and explain why a GPS Tracker is Essential for Outdoor activities, we would want you to know what GPS Tracking is.

What is GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is a technology that allows you to monitor or get the location of an entity. It could be the current location of the location someone wants to share with you. It also tells the latitude, longitude, direction, etc..

An Example of GPS Tracking

If you are an iPhone user, you know that it allows sharing your location indefinitely. Once it is done, your friend can always locate you on the map where you are provided that you are connected to the internet via Mobile Data or WiFi.

Why Should You Use a GPS Tracker for Outdoor Activities?

Outdoor activities are fun and most of us enjoy these friends and family. However, it could also be very annoying at times. People have a different liking and it’s not necessary that all the members of the family or a group will always stick together. GPS Tracker can help in such situation to locate all the members on the map and you will always know where they are. Doesn’t it sound great and set your free from lots of hassle and headache?

How about the pet that always goes missing and you spend so much time to find out where your pet is hiding. A GPS tracking around its neck will help you locate your pet anytime.

It’s not just Outdoor activities, but a GPS tracker is very useful in many situations. Think about the Kid who go to the School and you are one of the parents who cannot stop thinking about the kid if he/she is okay. A GPS Tracker in such situation can give you peace of mind.

There are GPS trackers also comes with Geofence feature that allows you to set the safe zone for the kids. Safe zones are the boundaries of any geographical location that you can select in the app and you will receive an alert when kids cross the safe boundary.

Can I use GPS Tracker without a SIM and Internet Connectivity

go find me

Yes, there are GPS Trackers that work without the SIM and Internet Connections. Aiblue recently started a campaign to ask people to show their interest in GoFindMe GPS Tracker that will be launched soon and those who join the waitlist will get 20% discount at launch. The device looks like US Stick that also comes the option to bind a strap that could be very useful to bind around the neck of a pet, kids, or even to your purse or bag. Aiblue claims that it will work without the need of a SIM card or cellular connection and its connectivity range is as long as 5 miles. GoFindMe battery is expected to run up to 72 hrs without a charge. The device will have an offline map, off-grid chat option (Voice+Text) and will not need any monthly subscription. It will also allow setting the safe zone for kids and will have a one-touch SOS button to get some quick help. So if it is really gonna work this way, it will be very useful to take GoFindMe with you when you are going on an outdoor trip with your family and friends.