Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and iPhone 5S: Which is the strongest smartphone?

smartphone drop test

When a mobile is launched it goes through many tests, not just by the mobile makers but other companies do as well, and post their reviews on the internet. Checking mobiles’ battery life, camera, display quality and other technical specifications are fine, but there are some weird test as well what mobile goes through. Let’s know about a test what was done to check how strong a mobile is physically?

TechSmartt has done a test where Keaton Keller dropped three smartphones to compare the durability. Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and iPhone 5S went through this test. Keaton Keller dropped all the three smartphones from the pocket distance, and all the three smartphones remained unbroken and had hardly any scratches. The logic behind this was, if you are taking the mobile out from your pocket, and if it slips through you hand what can happen? Well, it doesn’t seem too risky.

Now, Keller wanted to check what might happen if the mobile falls down during the voice call. So, he tried from the ear high (around 6 feet), and dropped all the smartphones one by one. iPhone 5S became the first one to lose, and the display got smashed, though Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 faced it without any harm. Apple is known for its durability and the best product, and earlier iPhone has won award as well, but might be they are less worried these days which might make the bad impression.

The third drop was from 7 feet distance, and he dropped both the mobile (S5 and M8), and this was a screens face down drop. Samsung Galaxy S5 broke, and the battery came out. Keller tried to turn on the mobile with the power key, but it didn’t work. HTC M8 faced all.

Seems like Keller was in the mood of dropping the smartphone from longer and longer distance till the time it’s broken, just to estimate how strong the device is? Though, HTC One M8 had none to challenge now, but he tried the Screen Face Down drop from 10 feet, and this time HTC M8 failed to survive and the display smashed.

Well, HTC M8 became the winner and turned out the strongest smartphone against Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. This test can’t guarantee that everytime the smartphone drops from that much distance will survive, because it depends where the mobile drops and in what direction? So the test was good enough to find the durability, but it’s kind of weird as I said earlier, because you can’t rely on it.

Here is the Smartphones drop test video. You can watch it to check exactly what Keller did.

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