Some Best Cool, Funny, Love & Sad Status for WhatsApp

Whatsapp status

WhatsApp Status is an excellent way to share feelings or thoughts with your friends, acquaintances, relatives & colleagues. You can even share those feelings in words what we can’t speak to someone. We can use jokes, love phrases, deep thoughts and quotes as our WhatsApp status. WhatsApp status depicts stages of our moods as happy, sad, love, hate, tense etc.. We can also use Emojis in WhatsApp status. Here are some best & cool WhatsApp status, feel free to use any as your WhatsApp Status if you like.

Some Best Cool, Funny, Love & Sad Status for WhatsApp

  1. I don’t wanna be perfect to inspire the people but let them get inspired by how I treat the world with my imperfection.
  2. I don’t care if you like me or not. I’m not a WhatsApp status.
  3. If people treat me like a princess, I’ll treat them like a prince but if they treat me like a game. I’ll show them how to play it.
  4. Do lots of mistakes in your life to be genius because mistakes are made to learn.
  5. Sometimes silence is a best way to think about itself when we badly need to redesign & rebuild our broken heart & tired mind.
  6. Hey Global warming! I’m cool don’t make me hot.
  7. Always realize the value of each moment, because tomorrow it’s going to be a memory.
  8. All Legends are not dead. I’m a living example of it.
  9. Thank u mom for giving birth a legend.
  10. Today I’m missing you badly with every my breath. Unable to decide should I stop thinking for you or hold my breath for lifetime.
  11. I’m that kind of rare edition that’s not published yet ever around the world.
  12. If you hurt me. I won’t use my 49 muscles to cry rather I choose my 12 muscles to smile or the best option is to choose 5 muscles slapping u.
  13. Dear World! If you give me a question that I don’t know, I’ll give you answer that you don’t know because I believe in tit for tat.
  14. I know why people don’t like me, because there is no one in the world like me.
  15. Dear crush! Talking to thousands friends in a day can’t give you that happiest moment what my smile can give you in one minute.
  16. The biggest problem with me is that I always love the people more than they deserve.
  17. What truly I do is put a big smile on my face to show the people, I don’t bother how they behave me. They can’t break me or disparage me.
  18. I do “nothing” each day because I know only “nothing” is impossible else everything is possible.
  19. None can take my attitude from me as God gifted it to me when I was born.
  20. If you wanna grab place in people’s hearts, spread love wherever you go and make things easy for them.
  21. It’s compulsory to seek knowledge, but more compulsory thing is seek something from that knowledge.
  22. Dear crush! The best gift you can ever give me is your “Smile”
  23.  What makes me stronger is, pretending to be happy in the hours of pain.
  24. Why people hate me for a single reason despite the fact I have thousands reasons to be loved.
  25. Dear crush! The only way you can hurt me is by squeezing me so tight in your arms.
  26. The hardest thing for me to do is, emphasizing all my “Feelings” & “emotions” in “words”
  27. Dear crush! You are the only person I think about right before snooze. Because you are the one my heart belongs to.
  28. Sometimes I need to conceal my emotions & keep a silent coz it’s much tough to find someone who truly understands me.
  29. I always honor & respect those boys who respect girls without any relationship.
  30. What makes me happiest is, when I fall sick & my crush cares me like a kid & does every possible thing to make me feel comfortable.
  31. I’m a strong girl. I can cry before sleep by night but I always wake up with a big smile on my face.
  32. Girls have that higher level of courage as they can make you believe they don’t
  33. I don’t allow anyone to judge me by my choices without understanding my reasons of those choices.
  34. Always seek for respect than attention because it lasts longer.
  35. I love to be hated for what I’m than loved what I’m not.
  36. I know I’m not that much important for you as much I should be. But, I’m sure one day whenever you hear my name, would just smirk & murmur, “I Miss you”
  37. Dear crush! The thing that makes you attractive in my sight is your “Loyalty”
  38. I don’t care about people who hate me, doubt me or judge me. They just don’t worth my precious time & attention.
  39. Dear work! I’m in love with you. If I do work, you will get finished. So, how can I finish something I love? That’s why I keep you pending.
  40. I don’t want that guy in my life who live with me completely but to have that one with whom I can share my incompleteness completely.

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