WhatsApp Calling Feature for iPhone is Official now

whatsapp calling feature for iPhone

We have been eagerly waiting for WhatsApp calling feature for iPhone, and this waiting time ended today. iPhone received an update today for WhatsApp application that includes the calling feature. Now you can make calls to your friends and family for free using WhatsApp Calling Feature for iPhone as well as Android.

Android users received the update earlier, but they were having bad time to enable this feature. Internet is full from the trouble shooting steps that could make an Android users to enable WhatsApp calling feature, and gradually all Android users was enable to make free calls to any WhatsApp users using this feature. Now it’s time for iPhone users to enjoy this feature too.

iPhone users are not require to do any trouble shoot, just go the app store and update your WhatsApp application to the latest version WhatsApp 2.12.2 . Once updated, open your WhatsApp, and check it. Here is the screenshot of my Application after the update and I was able to use the WhatsApp calling feature.

WhatsApp calling feature for iPhone users WhatsApp calling feature for iPhone

In the screenshot it does say WhatsApp call before the user name. Check the other screenshot where the calling sign has appeared at the left side of the profile image. Once you click the calling button, free WhatsApp call can be made.

Note: It is free by WhatsApp, but your network provider may charge for data usage if you are not on WiFi. WhatsApp calling feature for iPhone or and other OS are based on VOIP, so it does usage your cellular data or WiFi.

So if you want to use WhatsApp calling feature for iPhone, go to the App store now and update the app. You should have iOS 6 or later version installed, and of course who still usage that much older version. 😀

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