WhatsApp Broadcast List : How to use this feature on Android and iPhone

BroadCast feature on WhatsApp allows to send the same message to multiple users with a single click. Don’t get confused between Group and Broadcast. In a Broadcast, you can add multiple users in the list, and when you send a message/image/video in broadcast, it will be sent to all the users. However, You will be the only one to see the recipients list you added in broadcast, and rest of the users will get it as individual message from you.

If you are a businessman/seller or in such profession. Broadcast feature is very useful to send updates to all your customers with a single click.

How to create a new Broadcast list on WhatsApp, Add contacts to broadcast list or remove existing members

Android Users

Creating a New BroadCast (Android)

  1. Launch WhatsApp messenger app on your Android Phone
  2. Tap option icon (make sure you are in Chats tab)
  3. Hit New Broadcast
  4. Tap icon to add contacts to Broadcast (minimum 2 contacts must be added)
  5. Select the contacts, and hit Done
  6. Give a name to new Broadcast, tap Create
  7. That’s it, now the Broadcast name will appear under Chats tab, and you can send messages to broadcast, just like you send to any contacts. The message will be sent to all the contacts that you added in the broadcast list

Adding and Removing contacts from Broadcast (Android)

  1. To add or remove contacts from existing broadcast, tap on the Broadcast name to see the chat history or type a new message
  2. Then tap the broadcast name (located on the top)
  3. Add : Tap on Add Recipient to add new recipients
  4. Remove : Tap on the recipient and select Remove “recipient name” from broadcast list

Delete Broadcast completely : To delete a Broadcast list, you can simply hold the Broadcast name under Chats tab to select, and press delete icon (just like you remove any chats)

Still facing issue, Watch the video (Android Users)

iPhone Users

How to create a new Broadcast list on iPhone

  1. Launch WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone
  2. Select Chats tab
  3. Tap Broadcast Lists (located at the top right of chat contacts)
  4. Tap on New List 
  5. Name your Broadcast list (could be anything)
  6. Tap Sign to select contacts (minimum 2 contacts needs to be added and more), and then tap done
  7. Hit Create option
  8. Now you can start sending messages to all the recipient, same message will be received by all without any disclosure of other broadcast recipients

Add new recipient or remove existing from the broadcast list (iPhone)

  1. Be on Chats tap in WhatsApp application
  2. Tap Broadcast Lists
  3. Tab Broadcasts name
  4. Tap Messages (located on the top)
  5. Tap Edit List
  6. Add : Tap sign to add new recipient
  7. Remove : Tap – sign to remove recipients (You must leave at least 2 recipients to save, else done option will be disabled)
  8. Tap Done 

Remove Broadcast list : Under Chats tab on WhatsApp, tap Broadcast Lists, then tap Edit. Now tap – sign, and hit Delete option. You can remove all Broadcasts list in the same way.

If you are still facing any trouble, please watch this quick video (iPhone Users)