WhatsApp: 7 functions that you may not know


WhatsApp is an application used by over 500 million users, but most of them do not know it has different useful functions.

WhatsApp already has a large number of active users worldwide, becoming the number one app for instant messaging. But many people don’t know that they can do more with this application by using various useful functions.

1. How to know what time your family members or fellows read your messages: With the advent of blue double check sign now you can check whether they have read your posts, but not many know that you can also find out what time were read exactly. For that, just hold your finger on any message in the conversation you want and leave four options. Info, Copy, Delete and Send Tap Info and know the exact time.

2. Recover deleted messages: The app makes backups of all conversations and saves them on your own phone. If you have deleted some, just reinstall the application and it will ask you during the process if you want to save the chat history. There, choose “restore” to restore everything.

3. Enter to send messages: Quite useful if you are one of those who write many short messages instead of one long one. Go to Settings and select the option Intro to send. You’ll be more comfortable.

4. Dissemination of a message: Accurate to send a single message to several contacts at once, but all members will see it when you’d been sent, so avoid if you want to send a personalized way. Press the menu button and select New Broadcast Message.

5. Send the chat history: To send an entire conversation by mail, for android you just have to open the conversation, press More and then click Send question. On iPhone, go to Settings and select send chat history, and then choose the desired conversation.

6. View messages in pop: You can read messages without entering the application. Just go to Settings, Notifications and popup notification. Then tap Always show popup. In this way you can avoid the person know that you have read the message.

7. Create shortcuts to the talks: To establish faster contact with the person you want. Just enter the conversation menu and check the option to “Create Shortcut”.

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