What to do to receive Calendar and email notification on HTC One M8?

The HTC One M8 is the latest smartphone of the Taiwanese company HTC which is a high-end mobile. The lock screen is very complete for its users, and it allows to see most of the notifications received on the mobile without unlocking the screen. In this article I will explain how you can set it up and received calendar and email notification on the screen.

This simple option is not enabled in HTC One M8, so you need to configure it yourself. If you don’t do that, you would be able to see only basic notifications, like missed call and the arrival of new text messages. The following tutorial shows you the steps, and you have to follow to maximize the full potential of the lock screen of this device.

First we go to the application settings for our HTC One M8. This option can be found in the list of programs installed on your mobile, and generally is an application that is represented by the icon of a gear.

htc email notification

When you open this application a configuration window will appear. In this window we look for the option “Security.” Click on this option and then find another option which is “Notification Settings.” Now we will be viewing the settings relating to the lock screen. As we can see, the last two options (email and calendar) are deactivated, so we’ll just have to click on the square (check the boxes) to activate both.

If we have successfully followed all the steps, from the moment our HTC One M8 will show the lock screen notifications for our email accounts and our calendar. Regarding the email from the lock screen we can see the sender of the mail as a preview of the message. In terms of timing, notifications of the lock screen all warn us of upcoming events that set it in the calendar. Make sure your email account is configured properly with the device, else you might face issues.

To be able to see both notifications directly from the lock screen saves a lot of time, for example: when you receive a mail, you can check the sender along with the preview, and can decide whether the mail is important or not. If it’s important, you can unlock the sreen and read, else you can simply ignore without unlocking the screen

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