What to do if your electric device or mobile get wet?

mobile got wetWhen a Smartphone, a mobile phone, or any electronic device gets wet, it is likely that water is devastating to the device. We have a short space of time; however, we can act and try to reduce the damage caused by water. What can we do to save mobile or electric device if it gets wet?

First, you must understand what the water hazard and how we can act to save the Smartphone. Water is dangerous for our Smartphone, and air does not. It’s all about connections. Water is electrically conductive, and therein offers all its threat. Smartphone has a lot of electronic connections, and when the water comes into the phone start making connections worse that should not occur, leading to short out in a short time, also can end the life of your Smartphone. How can we fight against it?

1. Remove the battery

The first thing to do when your Smartphone gets wet is to remove the battery. As mentioned, water is a conductor of electricity, but what if there is no electricity? Indeed, water is dangerous when our Smartphone have power.

If your Smartphone has a leading battery that can be replaced, just have to remove the back cover, and remove it. Some Smartphone still come in market with removable rear cover; do not allow removing the battery. In that case, there may be simple systems; however removing the battery isn’t much complicate.

In any case, if you cannot remove the battery, do need to turn off your Smartphone instantaneously, for thus you can reduce the possible harm caused by the water.

2. Prevent water from reaching the screen

Once you have recovered, and possibly have removed the battery; still the water would have jeopardized, also can only reach to the screen and can house inside. It is imperative that you avoid the water from reaching the screen. Therefore, think about where it might be house inside in your Smartphone or phone and avoid moving too much. If possible, put the Smartphone on its back, so that the water always tends to go away from the screen. Of course, if you have not removed the battery, with this you could not make water out to the battery. You have to think hard about what you should do, but the goal is that water moves as little as possible to cause the least possible damage. Obviously, if you have the Smartphone completely submerged, the water will be almost everywhere however, need to act even more quickly.

3. Pat dries the Smartphone

Once you’ve done every possible thing to avoid a greater evil, you must get to the action now. It’s time to dry your Smartphone. But how?, obviously with the help of a dryer, and nothing more. Ideally, you need to remove all caps of Smartphone, and turn the dryer on to the area that could have more water. The heat from the dryer could help water drip dry. Keep in mind that extreme heat can damage the Smartphone, so it will have to be very careful. Everything depends on the situation. If you have spilled a glass of water on your Smartphone, you have to dry it very quickly; then there will be chances you have very little water in it. But if the phone is dropped to the pool, you cannot do much even with a dryer.

4. Bring to a heat source, and don’t use

In many cases if water still exists inside, it’s natural that within hours the Smartphone can be dead. Therefore, it is best to bring the Smartphone to a heat source such as a heater in winter, or somewhere in the house to give the sunlight in summer, and leave it there for several days. It is the best way to evaporate any water that may remains in the Smartphone.

After this process, you can turn on the Smartphone.

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