What to do if the ‘Touch System’ of the phone doesn’t work?

We are so accustomed to touch screens; our fingers automatically move to any screen of any type whatsoever, and get somewhat confused if this does not respond. Usually this is because the screen is normal and doesn’t have touch system, but when it happens to our own Smartphone that up till now had worked without problems, things suddenly get changed. It really brings panics to us. And we just think about how to fix it? But you don’t be worried, in this article I’ll tell you what to do if your mobile phone touch system suddenly stops working…

Restart your phone to make it perform better

This trick should be repeated in your Smartphone when suddenly its touch stops responding; sometimes this solution works properly. So before you get panic, reboot your Smartphone to see if the touch screen starts responding or not.

Restart your phone by crook

How many times you press the reset button and it doesn’t respond? Then the problem is not with the screen but the system has crashed. Make one of those restarts in the hard way it’s the only option here; remove the battery of your Smartphone and after sometime put on again. This trick may works well for your phone.

Is the screen broken?

Sometimes touch screens lose their ability to respond to our fingers when they fall after hitting the ground and get broken. If the screen is broken (and before breaking everything was fine), if it responds on other parts of the screen but doesn’t on crashed part, the reason possibly be that accident. Bring the phone to a service center for repair and get changed the screen.

Clean your Smartphone

If the problem is the system, not the screen, it may be due to a Smartphone some dust or moisture inside. Open it up and clean it all well with care, and make sure that is cleaned properly (it runs out of moisture) without any damage. If the problem still exists to the touch, go for its service immediately.

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