What needs to be considered before choosing a domain name?

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choosing a domain name

If you want to create a good blog or website, just a good hosting service provider won’t help you, but you need to be choosy while selecting a domain name. Choosing a domain name is the easiest thing, but it’s the toughest thing among all the activities what you perform while building up a website. Sometimes you can’t purchase the same domain name what you want to buy, and you start thinking another name. Let’s know what you need to take care of before purchasing a domain name?

The domain name should contain the “word” of your website/blog theme. For Ex: You can’t choose a domain name like “fashionworld.com” and start posting the updates about finance and business. If the site is about finance, the domain name should contain financial word, like money, finance, loan, invest, investment etc. This lets the people know what kind of site you have, else they will come looking for fashion and will find finance.

Don’t use hyphens, symbols and numbers with the domain name unless you feel it’s inevitable. This makes the URL look like a spammy website.

Try to purchase “.com” domains only, but if you are creating a website for a specific country or region, you can choose the related domain, like .in for India, .it for Italian. People remember .com domains easily.

Duration of the domain registration has never been important in getting good rank in search engine, but that completely depends on you, and you are the one who will renew it. So you can register for a year or 5 years, depending upon your requirement and budget.

Don’t choose a domain name with lots of character. A good domain name should not be more than 15 characters. Try to choose as short as you can, because visitors can memorize it easily.

If you are a blogger, you would definitely like to buy a dropped domain with PR and/or DA. Whether you are buying a dropped domain or new one, you should always remember those things what I have mentioned. Don’t buy a dropped domain with Google PR if they don’t have any DA, because that is a fake PR which must have been ranked by 301 redirection, and you will lose to PR for sure and the blog might get penalized as well.

Buy a domain name which has less competition or the one which can be found in the first page of Google search when you type your domain name in Google. For instance: moneysoldiers.com. When you type either the domain name, or the word “Money Soldiers,” it will be on the first page of the Google search.