What Kind of Telemarketing Software Does Your Sales Team Use?

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For any business, investing in technology is a big deal. Not only is it a monetary investment but a time investment as well – people need to be trained, and processes need to be adjusted. Then there’s the question of whether or not adopting new technology will show a return-on-investment (or ROI). Business leaders definitely need to sit down beforehand and determine what kind of benefits they anticipate from seeking new technological business solutions.

In regards to inside sales, there are many advantages to investing in telemarketing software that can’t be ignored. The right technology can help your team streamline the sales cycle with automated processes like queue-based lead management as well as auto-generated email and SMS communications.

Using this software, sales development teams can exponentially increase the number of contacts they engage within a single month – which simply isn’t possible without it. A company that doesn’t give its sales development reps (SDRs) the right tech to do the job will find themselves falling well behind the competition.

Beyond Customer Relationship Management

Working in the industry, you may be most familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that are focused on managing and retaining customers. If your company utilizes this software, you may already have noticed that it falls short when it comes to engaging with prospects and developing a working sales cadence.

That’s because CRM platforms are designed to focus on managing customer relationships rather than finding new customers. Software in this category often fails to provide SDRs with the tools they need to find leads, qualify them, and carry them through the sales funnel.

If your team is stuck using traditional CRM, then consider adopting a sales engagement platform (SEP) that is specifically designed for streamlining contact with leads so that no opportunity is ever lost. With SEP software, you can expect features like:

  • Queue-based lead routing that automatically connects the best leads with the next available sales rep
  • Auto-dialing that eliminates errors and reduces time spent between leads
  • Logical-branch scripting that presents reps with responses based on inputs
  • A database of contact profiles where info is displayed on-screen to the rep during a call, and where contact details get auto-populated into emails and SMS communications, as well as into call scripts
  • Appointment-setting functionality where invitations and reminders are automatically sent to both the prospect as well as the rep
  • Lead-tracking software that provides reporting and real-time visibility and insights

There are also features like VoIP, call recording, and email and marketing SMS tools that are all aimed at streamlining processes and improving the prospect’s experience. With all these benefits, it’s clear to see why traditional CRM just doesn’t hit the mark when it comes to running an effective sales development team.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your CRM software is going to provide your business with the tools you need to succeed. Consider other business solutions like a SEP that can help you generate leads and close sales faster and more efficiently.