What gear apps are up to: Get thousand of gear apps for your smartwatch

Sometimes a good review comes in handy, but this time Samsung must have thought it was not justified. If you remember a few days ago, the Huawei Chief Richard Yu gave a thumbs down to Tizen OS and said that there is no chance of Tizen OS to be successful. Remember that Tizen is the personal commitment of Samsung, and in case things with Google and its Android get complicated, Samsung is making a place for its own system.

So Samsung, that at the moment only has smartwatch with Tizen market, wanted to remind the audience (and Huawei also) that what can be done with Tizen OS, especially when it has to do with applications developed for your operating system. And the figure is not bad: up to 1000 ‘apps’ can currently be found in the ‘store’ and the figure have gone up, mostly over the last four months (since the launch of Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo).

A little further down you have the string of things that Samsung wants to remind us that they are capable of making their devices with Tizen. A rather long list and that is priceless: playing, controlling our health, exercise, security camera for our baby, language translators, monitor the stock market, booking flights and hotels, maps, public transport and much more. Would Huawei like to say something about it?

Let’s not forget what happened with old mobile operating systems. They don’t even exist anymore. Everything starts from little, and the continuous effort makes it success. So we can’t say anything about any OS or Brand that they can not get success. Take the example of Xiaomi. Who knew about the record breaking sale of Xiaomi mobiles. At the start, if I had told you to buy, you must have said: Why the f*** I would buy a crap brand, but now you won’t.

Let’s have a look at the below infographic what is Tizen OS up to and what you can do with your Gear watch:



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