Why my website’s URL doesn’t show Secure or Lock icon with HTTPS

There are many bloggers or webmasters who have been struggling to install free SSL/TLS certificate to make the site secure. After doing this, the first thing we all check is the green secure icon with the address bar. If you have installed SSL certificate for a domain that was already a running site, you may find many issues. One of the major issues is not getting Green Color Secure/Lock icon. So how will you find the issue? What is making your website insecure? If you are not a developer, you will start scratching your head for sure, but there is no need to do that. You can find the issue in a minute only.

Why my website/blog with HTTPS is not showing green color secure/lock icon?

Not secure green pad lock

To find the issue follow these steps;

  • Visit whynopadlock.com using any internet browser
  • Paste the URL in the Secure URL field, and click Check option. Please make sure that you put an URL that has https:// in it
  • It will take 20 to 30 seconds, and you will have the result on the screen

Here is an example what made one of my websites insecure

SSL Error

I use Google’s custom search on my blog and that uses HTTP instead of HTTPS. So this one URL making my web page secure. As the code has been placed in the header, it will make all the pages insecure. Found In option show the web page where the error has been found.

The fix for this issue it either changes the URL from HTTP to HTTPS (what I did) or remove that URL from the page.

Apart from that issue, there could be other issues as well. For example, having a flash content on the page may also make your web page insecure. In the case of Flash Content, the only solution to fix this issue is to remove the flash. If you are the owner of the content you can edit the code and make the flash content secure, and the add to your website.

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