vShare Pro Android App Market : Download Paid apps for free

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vShare App Market

Earlier we informed about vShare app market for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that allows downloading paid iOS apps for free. vShare app market is also available for Android Devices, and it’s even easier to use on Android. You don’t need any computer to install vShare on Android devices like we needed for iPhone.

vShare has 2 versions of its app; vShare app market Lite and vShare app market. The normal version is also known as vShare App Market Pro. Any Android User can install vShare Market on their Smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t require any root access.

What is vShare Android App Market Lite

The lite version of vShare market is kind of useless. You can just see the apps on the screen, and when you click on it, it will take you to the Google Play Store. vShare app shows the app as “free to download,” but when you try to download, it will take you to Play Store, and downloading may not be free if it’s a paid app. So the Lite version is all about frustration and waste of time. It is available in Google Play Store. There is no need to install.

vShare Android App Market Pro Version Allows to Install Unavailable (in Play Store) and Paid Apps for Free

The normal version of vShare App market is also known as Pro version, and it allows to download and install the app. Whenever you tap to download an app, it downloads the apk file first, and then it asks user’s permission to install the app. You need to enable “Install from an unknown source” on your Smartphone’s Settings or Security option.

If you can’t find an app on Google Play Store, vShare Market is the right place to search. Apps like ShowBox, PlayBox HD etc. is not available in Google Play Store, but those can still be found in vShare Android App Market. You can even download paid apps for free from vShare Market.

Download vShare Market apk (Pro version, but Pro is not written on the app)

Web Version of vShare App Market for Android

Visit this link to enjoy the web version of vShare App Market. You can browse your favorite applications, but the download link will take you to the Play Store. So you can’t really download any app from the web version. So it’s better to get the Pro app.

What can I download from vShare Android App Market?

vShare Market app for Android devices allows downloading Applications, Games, Ringtones and Wallpapers.

Is vShare App Market better than Google Play Store?

As far as free apps are concerned, vShare is certainly better than Google Play Store. However, Google Play Store is a secure way to download apps and games, and the chances of downloading infected file are very less. vShare is a third party app store that Google has nothing to do with. You can’t hold anyone responsible if you install an infected app on your smartphone, and there is a loss or data or security. Please use it at your own risk.