Virus for Android device that asks to pay $300

android ransomware threat

We know that using porn websites are risky as many of them are virus infected, and our computers and laptops can get infected as well, but according to the new report from Bitdefender, Android Smartphones are not out of risk as well, even it might be worst sometimes.

A ransomware has been detected for Android devices by Bitdefender “Android.Trojan.Koler.A.” This ransomware doesn’t harm the mobile when you just visit the website, but on the website , you might see pop up or notification that pushes you to download a premium video player which can help you to watch more porn and download it. When you confirm the installation, you get infected.

Once your device is infected by this ransomware, you can’t use the back button as it gets disabled, and you are shown a webpage saying that you have violated internet rules, done fraud, your mobile files are encrypted and so on, and then ask you to pay $300 to set your mobile free. Here is picture uploaded by Bitdefender.

android ransomware

Solution: If you are infected by this virus, you know that back button will not work, but you can still use home and menu button. Everytime you go to menu or home screen, you have 5 seconds to uninstall this malicious application. After 5 seconds, you will see the same notification. Simply uninstall the application the way you do. Try to access the shortcuts to make it happen faster. Different Android OS have different shortcuts. If you are not aware of the shortcut, google it using your device model number and Android OS version, else use the process you are aware of.

If you are having trouble with this process, you can reboot you Android mobile in safe mode and uninstall the application easily. You can also avoid the risk by not visiting the pornographic sites using your Android device, though you do, you should not download any application from unknown source to avoid the risk, especially from a porn website.

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