What is virtual Credit or Prepaid Card, and where to get them?

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Virtual Credit Card Number

Virtual credit card has changed many things along with making our life easy. In one line “It’s a credit card that you can’t hold physically.”

What is Virtual Credit Card or Prepaid Card?

Virtual Credit Card may be dealt in different way depending on where you are getting from. Virtual Credit Card is basically an online account that you can setup with your Bank or any third party service provider, and they give you a Credit Card that you can use online to make purchases. You won’t be able to use such cards at shopping malls or any store where they need to scan a physical card, and it can’t be used to Withdraw cash from any Cash or ATM machine, because you won’t have any physical card with you.

In most of the cases there could be 2 situation when you get a Virtual Credit Card

  1. Your bank has such option, and you accept to get one to have a separate card detail to do online transaction. Such Credit Cards usually have lower credit limits compared to the existing card you already own. In this case, you may or may not require to prepay to use this card. So it may or may not be called a prepaid card. Many banks issue a supplementary internet card along with Credit Card in physical form. Such card can’t be called a Virtual Card. So don’t get confused.
  2. You don’t have a Credit Card, and you want to make some online transaction that requires a Credit Card. In such cases, many users get a Virtual Credit Card from third party service provider. These cards are always prepaid, you will have to pay via your Debit Card or make deposit according to the given instruction of the service providers. There are many fake service providers in this field, and they don’t miss a chance to rob users. So you need to be careful.

Where can I get a Virtual Credit Card

Note : The listed websites are trusted according to my best knowledge, but we are not responsible for any fraud or incident. Please do your own research before you go for any service provider.


You can have up to 5 virtual cards with Neteller. They offer cards in up to 8 currencies; USD $, GBP £, Euro €, Japanese Yen ¥, AUD $, DKK kr., CAD $, SEK kr. They issue Master Prepaid Virtual Card, and you need to make deposit first so that you can make any online transaction. Check their fees and terms before getting one.

EntroPay Virtual Credit CardEntropay.com 

You can apply for a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card from EntroPay. To get a Virtual Card, you can simply register on their website, and you can get a Virtual Card in minutes. Now you need to deposit fund to this Virtual Visa Card, and that can be done using another Debit/Credit card or via Bank Transfer. Once all done, you can start using. They charge 4.95 % of the deposited amount when you do using your personal Credit or Debit Card. Please visit their website for more detail


EcoPayz issues ecoVirtualcard that is actually a Master Card, and you can use it online wherever Master Card is accepted. Like EntroPay, you can register, deposit and start shopping. They provide the Virtual Master Card in three currencies; $ USD, € Euro and £ GBP. Please visit their website to check terms and fees.

Above mentioned service providers don’t require you to have a Bank Account with them, there is no credit check or formalities like Banks. So anyone can register and get the Virtual Visa or Master card.

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There are many Banks that also provide Virtual Master or Visa Card to their Account Holder, but you need to have an Account with them. If you do, you can request for one if you are eligible according to their terms. These are the list of some Banks that issue Virtual Card;

There are many other bank that provide Virtual Visa or Master Card. If you don’t know, call your Bank to remove your confusion.

Virtual Credit Card is for real use. However, if you need just a dummy or fake card detail to give demo to someone or your website/blog visitors, you can use Credit Card Number Generator to get a fake card detail.