VideoProc – The Easiest Solution to (4K) Video Editing and Processing

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Video Editing is the most important part of video processing. It allows modifying a video according to your need after you have recorded them using a camera or even a smartphone.

Video Editing includes various jobs, some of them are as follows;

  • Trimming: Most of the time we want to remove certain parts from a video that are either not interesting or were captured by mistake. Trimming feature allows getting rid of those parts.
  • Cropping: Sometimes we want to remove a certain area from a video just like you do it with a picture. Cropping feature let you remove them.
  • Adding Subtitles: If you want to target Global Users, adding Subtitle is a very useful feature of a video editor. You can add subtitle in a language that targeted users can understand.
  • Applying Filters: Filters allow to give a beautiful touch to your videos.
  • There are many other features, like Merging, Splitting, Watermarking, and so on…

So you may wonder what Video Editor is good that can handle any size of files and comes with Good Editing feature. So we are going to introduce a good one that is currently on a giveaway and you can get it free.

VideoProc – The Easiest Solution to Cut, Trim, Process, and Edit Videos

VideoProc is an easy video editor tool that comes with a user-friendly interface that even a newbie can use without any trouble. Here is why we suggest using VideoProc:

  • Editing 4K Videos: VideoProc can handle large files. So if you have got 4K videos recorded by GoPro and you want to edit them, VideoProc can do it without any trouble.
  • Speeding Up Video Processing with Hardware and GPU Acceleration: VideoProc Support GPU and Hardware Acceleration that makes video processing faster compared to any traditional video editor software.


  • All Useful Editing Features: It comes with almost all the Editing features that a basic user may want in a Video Editing Software, like Editing, Trimming, Rotating, Splitting, Merging, Transcoding, Resizing, Cropping, etc. You can even add effects and subtitles to the video.
  • Conversion: VideoProc allows to change video format and resolution according to your need. For example, an MOV video can be converted to MP4 or an audio file.
  • Screen Recording: VideoProc comes with Screen Recording option that enables you to record the screen of your computer. This feature comes handy if you make tutorial videos and upload them on YouTube.
  • Video Downloader: Along with all the editing feature, there is Downloader option as well that allows you to download online videos just by pasting the URL.
  • DVD Processing: You can also process DVDs and get the output format playable on other gadgets.

Get VideoProc 4K Video Processing Software For Free

VideoProc is now available for free as the company is running a limited time Flash Giveaway. The Giveaway gives you the option to download the software and unlock all the features.

Download VideoProc Here

How to use VideoProc app?

After you install the software, launch the application and you will get some options to choose: Videos, DVD, Downloader, and Recorder. Let’s see an example! We will talk about the Video Trimming Feature.

How to Cut or Trim Videos with VideoProc

  • Launch the app and hit the Video option.

videoproc home

  • Add a video that you want to trim. You can either drag and drop to the app or click the Video option and choose a video file to edit.
  • Now click the Cut option that represents a scissor icon.

trim video

  • Use the slider to adjust how you want to trim the video. Once done, click the Cut option.

doing trimming

  • Now you will be back to the previous screen where you can see the duration of the video (Start and End time of the adjusted video that you are going to trim). You can select the desired format if you want to change.

final step

  • Finally, click the Run button to start the trimming process.
  • Once the process is complete output folder will open itself. You can always click the Open button to explore the output folder.