Vertu Signature Touch with Snapdragon 810 and 4GB RAM

Virtue Signature Touch tech specs

Luxury smartphone brand Vertu has announced a new Vertu Signature touch that features Snapdragon 810 SoC, and premium material. We will tell you all we know.

It is available in various colors and designs, and you can order a customized version as well. The new Vertu Signature Touch features polished Grade 5 Titanium sides and the back plate is also made of grade 5 Titanium. The touch display is made of 130 carat sapphire crystal and it’s shatterproof. Each and every handmade Vertu is individual and may differ slightly from this visual. To know more about the design and material used in new Vertu Signature Touch, please visit their official website.

Technical Specifications of New Vertu Signature Touch

Display : 5.2-inch

Resolution : 1920 X 1080 pixels


Internal Storage : 64 GB (Expandable with uSD card)

Primary Camera : 21-megapixel with dual-LED flash

Secondary Camera : 2.1-megapixel

Chipset : Octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810

GPU : Adreno 430

OS : Android Lollipop 5.1

Battery : 3160 mAh

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and Qi Compatible Wireless Charging

Connectivity : NFC, MicroUSD, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Dual-band WLAN 802.11

Network : 4G/3G/2G

13mm x 18mm loudspeakers with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound decoding support

New Virtu Signature Touch


The new Vertu Signature touch comes in various material as we mentioned earlier. So the price may vary from 6,500 to 13,700 British Pounds. This is not that everyone will buy. Vertu’s smartphones are all about Luxury, and just a few people can afford it. I can write an article only, but can’t even think about it. Hahaha!

Preview New Vertu Signature Touch

The New Vertue Signature will be available at these stores and on the mentioned dates. You can get your hands on to check of the new models how it looks and feels

United Kingdom
Vertu Boutique – Harrods (London): 25 September – 8 October

Vertu Boutique – Royale (Paris): 25 September – 8 October

Vertu Boutique – Maximilianstrasse (Munich): 25 September – 8 October

United States
Vertu Boutique – Madison Avenue (New York): 4 – 18 October
Vertu Boutique – Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills): 4 – 18 October

Vertu Boutique – Mandarin Gallery: 4 –18 October
Vertu Boutique – Marina Bay Sands: 4 – 18 October

Vertu Boutique – Petrovka (Moscow): 17 October – 1 November
Vertu Boutique – Kutuzovsky (Moscow): 17 October – 1 November
Vertu Boutique – Nevsky (St. Petersburg): 17 October – 1 November

Hong Kong
Vertu Boutique – Central Building: 8 – 22 November

Vertu Boutique – Taikooli (Chengdu): 22 November – 6 December
Vertu Boutique – Plaza 66 (Shanghai): 22 November – 6 December
Vertu Boutique – Shin Kong (Beijing): 22 November – 6 December

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