VAIO Phone Biz with Windows 10; specs, release and Price

VAIO is now ready to launch a new smartphone with Windows 10 OS. The model name sounds weird, as it is called VAIO Phone Biz. The Device will feature Windows 10 OS that is not a new thing for users, but you can make use of Windows 10 Continuum feature. So it can be transited into a full Desktop when connected to an external monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. On top of that, you can also use Microsoft’s well known Cortana Voice Assistant feature. Cortana is available for Android and iOS as well, but it doesn’t let them use full features.

VAIO Phone Biz Technical Specifications

Dimension : 156.1 x 77 x 8.3 mm

Weight : 167 grams

Display : 5.5 Inches

Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels


ROM : 16 GB

Expandable Storage : Yes, up to 64GB

CPU : Snapdragon 617 Octa-Core (quad-core 1.5 + quad-core 1.2)

OS : Windows 10

Rear Camera : 13-megapixel

Front Camera : 5-megapixel

Battery : 2800 mAh

SIM : Micro SIM

Color : Silver

Body : Metal, Aluminum

VAIO Phone Biz Release Date and Price

Windows 10 VAIO Phone Biz has been set to release in April 2016, and it will be sold for around $430. The device will be released in Japan, and it will likely not reach other regions, just like VAIO Android Phone that was released last year.

Just to remind that VAIO doesn’t belong to Sony any more. It was sold to a Japanese firm over a year ago, but sony still has 5 percent stake. VAIO laptops are still sold, but only in three countries that includes United States, Brazil and Japan. So the company is trying to get into Smartphone business gradually, and they are making a start with Japan. If their Phone business do good, they may reach more countries. However, Windows Phone business are more risky as they hold less than 3 percent of Smartphone market.

Well, VAIO Phone Biz has a premium design that Windows Phone users would love. It doesn’t feature the latest Snapdragon Application Processor, but the Processor and RAM is fair enough to make the smartphone work smoothly. You also get to enjoy full desktop view when docked with other accessories as we told earlier. You may show your interest for this Phones on VAIO Japan Website and check more detail.

Here are some real images of VAIO Phone Biz

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