Should I Use CloudFlare With Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate?

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There is no doubt that Cloudflare is one of the best option to speed up your website whether you want to join as a free or paid user. CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL is also a great option to make your website secure without spending even a single penny. However, Flexible SSL is not a dedicated SSL certificate for your domain, so it is not considered very reliable and such certificate may not help in Search Engine Ranking.

After the Google announced that the SSL will effect Search Ranking, most of the webmasters have already made their website/blog secure with free/paid SSL certificate. Let’s Encrypt is the most popular Free SSL Certificate Provider and many Hosting Providers have already made it available via their Hosting Account (under users control panel). We have already discussed how you can install free SSL certificate with Dreamhost. Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is dedicated to domain, so it’s

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is dedicated to the domain, so it’s surely the best option for those looking for free SSL Certificate. However, it’s useless to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate when you are using CloudFlare as a Free User. Let me tell you why?

Why You should not use Free CloudFlare Account with Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate is Dedicated to Your Domain, but when you use CloudFlare Flexible SSL Certificate, then your website loses end-to-end encryption feature because now CloudFlare is a Loop between your hosting and the information visitors see on the web. CloudFlare itself says on their website that a dedicated SSL key helps you in search engine ranking and they charge addition fee ($5 each month/per domain) for this. So why would someone want to use shared SSL with CloudFlare when they can get dedicated one for free?

Well, if you are relying on CloudFlare Cache thing, you should use some other caching option. If you are a WordPress user, you can use WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache etc.. CloudFlare offers Custom SSL Certificate option where you can use Let’s Encrypt Certificate, but they charge $200 each month.

What to do when you really Need Cloudflare at minimal cost with dedicated SSL?

  • Don’t add Let’s Encrypt or any other SSL Certificate to your Domain
  • Sign Up for CloudFlare as a Free user
  • Order a Dedicated SSL Certificate from CloudFlare for $5 and this will your recurring charge