How to upload a Video via YouTube App on iPhone and Android

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YouTube is one of the most popular application that you can find in almost all the smartphones and tablets. YouTube App is not preinstalled on iOS like most of the Android Phone, but users install it manually. There is no video app that can beat YouTube Video Library, and it also allows users to upload their own video, and the uploaded videos stays there for lifetime as long as it complies to YouTube Policy.

How to upload Videos via YouTube app on Android and iOS

  • Launch YouTube App on your device
  • Tap Video Camera icon (Located at the bottom right corner in red circle by default)
  • Now you can start recording a new video using your Smartphone’s Camera, or upload the existing video. To Start Recording a new video, click the Video Camera icon, or select an existing video from your device’s video library
  • When you select a video to upload, you will be given little editing options; You can trim the video, apply filter to make video look awesome, and change/add audio
  • Once you are done with editing, click Next button, and then enter Title and Description for Video. Video will be uploaded for Public by default, and you can change the setting tapping on Privacy before you hit upload button
  • Finally, hit Upload option, and the video will be uploaded (Uploading time depends on video’s size and internet speed, so you need to have patience)

Alternative Method : Upload Videos to YouTube App from Gallery on Android or Stock Photos app on iPhone

  • Launch Gallery app on Android or Photos app on iOS
  • Tap on Any Video that you want to upload
  • Tap on Sharing button, and select YouTube
  • If you are doing it first time, You will have to login with Google ID and Password, and grant permission to your iPhone or Android Phone
  • Android users still get editing options, like Trimming, Applying Filter, Adding Audio etc., but iPhone users can add title and description only
  • Change the privacy settings to make the video available publicly or privately, and then click Publish button