How to type Copyright, Trademark, Registered and Phonogram symbol on Mac and Windows

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How to type copyright and trademark symbols on Mac and windows

There are times when we need to type Copyright (C), Trademark (TM), Registered (R) or Sound Recording Phonogram (P) symbol. It could be for business, services, or any other purpose. So today we will learn how to type those symbols on Mac and Windows OS.

How to Type Copyright (C) Symbol on Mac OS X and Windows

On Mac ©

Method 1 

Press option+g key together, option key is also known as alt, so we can also say alt+g together will make ©

Method 2

Click on Edit in the menu bar and click Emoji & Symbols, or press control+command+Space to pop the Emoji and Symbol. Scroll down till LETTERLIKE SYMBOLS. You can select © from there

On Windows ©

Method 1 (Only MS Word)

If you are using MS Word, it is smart enough to understand. Just type (c) with bracket, press space quickly. It will replace (c) with © itself. Or just use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C

Method 2

You can also use the shortcut; Press and hold alt key, and then press four keys (0169) one by one but without any pause. Use NumPad only for pressing those four numbers.

Method 3

Press Windows+R key to pop the Run option. Type charmap, press Enter. Now you can select and copy © from here. If it doesn’t appear, please make sure you have selected Arial Font from the Font’s drop-down list.

How to Type Trademark Symbol (T) on Mac and Windows

Mac Users ™

Method 1

Use the shortcut key option+2 or alt+2, ™ will appear

Method 2

Just like method 2 for © symbol, you can also select ™ from Emoji & Symbols under LETTERLIKE SYMBOLS.

Windows Users ™

Method 1 (only MS Word)

In MS Word you can use (TM) with bracket, and press space quickly, (TM) will be replaced with ™. You can also use ctrl+alt+t that will produce ™.

Method 2

Press and hold alt key, and press 0153 one by one, but continuously, and you will get a ™. Only NumPad can be used to type number, else won’t work.

Method 3

Click on Insert –> Symbols –> More Symbols, and you will find it there

How to type Registered (R) symbol on Mac and Windows

Mac Users ®

Method 1

Use shortcut key option+r or alt+r 

Method 2

Follow method 2 of ™ or ©, you will find it at the same place

Windows Users ®

Method 1 (MS Word only)

Type (R), and quickly press space. Or Use shortcut key ctrl+alt+r

Method 2

Press and hold alt key, and the quickly press 0174 one by one, but use NumPad only.

Method 3

Click on Insert in the menu bar, then click Symbol, and then More Symbols. You will find there

How to type Sound Recording Publisher Copyright (phonogram) “(P)” on Mac and Windows

Mac Users ℗

I don’t really know a shortcut key for this. If you know please comment below to let us know. Alternatively, you can get ℗ from ; Click on Edit in Menubar, Click Emoji and Symbols, Scroll down, and you will find it under LETTERLIKE SYMBOLS section.

Windows Users  ℗

Use Short key; Press and hold Alt, and then press four keys (2117) one by one, but without any pause. Use NumPad only.