How to use two WhatsApp on one Android Phone without root?

There are many smartphones that allow you to use two SIM cards at the same time, but you can’t install two WhatsApp on the same Android phone. However, we have the easiest solution for you. This method works on all smartphones, and you don’t need to have root permission. It works on Single SIM Android Phone as well as dual-SIM.

2 whatsapp on one android phone

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How to use two WhatsApp on one Android Phone without root?

Follow each and every step carefully. You miss one, and you will blow it. 

  • Launch existing WhatsApp app –> go to its settings –> Chats and calls –> tap on Back up and chats
  • Allow the back up process to complete, and it would show the time of the last back up
  • Now go to Application manager/installed apps from settings, and tap on WhatsApp, tap on Clear Data

how to clear whatsapp data

  • Open File manager/explorer, Find WhatsApp folder, Rename “WhatsApp” to “OGWhatsApp”
  • Uninstall existing WhatsApp app now
  • Download OGWhatsApp app here
  • Install OGWhatsApp, and launch the app after installation
  • Provide the same number that you were already using on WhatsApp (SMS/Call verification not needed)
  • Once you submit your number and proceed, you will get the option to restore from existing backup
  • Please restore, else it would not work
  • Once restored, it would work like Normal WhatsApp and you have an icon of your Phone Menu written OGWhatsApp
  • Now install normal WhatsApp app from Play store and add another number, and follow the normal process of verification
  • Congrats! You have got 2 WhatsApp app on your smartphone


Note : If you are an iPhone user or own an iPhone, You can install two WhatsApp on iPhone as well. No Jailbreak needed!

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