Turn you speakers into wireless audio system with Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Do you want to convert your traditional speakers in a wireless sound system ? Logitech Audio Bluetooth Adapter can make it happen. This device creates a link between the speakers and devices from which you send music through technology Bluetooth . As a result, we can hear music directly from equipment such as smartphones or tablets without additional configurations or complex inventions to transmit the signal. We tell you all the details of Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter which will hit the market in May with the price tag of 40 euros (approx).

The operation of this little box is easy. It is designed for listening to music on smartphones and tablets that do not have traditional speakers wireless. To use Logitech Audio Bluetooth Adapter you must use one of the connections of 3.5 mm or RCA Speaker for the link. The vast majority of the speakers have one of these entries, so we’re talking about an almost complete compatibility with traditional speakers we have at home.

Once this bond, simply press the button located on the top of this adapter to synchronize with a smartphone or tablet. The Logitech adapter  uses Bluetooth technology, present in almost all smartphones and tablets that can be found in the market today. Once we make this synchronization, it is not necessary to perform any additional configuration, and the music that reproduce on the device will be heard by the speaker. The maximum distance it supports for a smartphone or tablet (or any other device with Bluetooth ) is 15 meters.

In addition, Logitech has worked on the acoustics of this adapter that minimize the audio loss when transferring music to the speaker. Another interesting features that comprise this team is the ability to store synchronization with mobile devices. So, you  won’t have to re-sync each time you return to the room. All you need to do is “activate the function Bluetooth in the phone and the adapter will do the rest.” Certainly a very simple way to give a new life to traditional speakers we have at home and enjoy a higher quality of sound that we can’t get from a smartphone, tablet or a laptop’s speaker. The Logitech Bluetooth

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