Tricks for your Android phone to make it run faster

Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system, and users would love to increase the performance of their devices. Many people detect that their phones, whether they are high, medium or low range, slow operation and experience problems when starting certain functions, applications and games. It is true that the cheapest phones are more likely to suffer the consequences of content overload and programs, but all owners of Android mobile phones can use some tricks for devices to make it run faster. We present them below.

Frequently update your smartphone

Sometimes users have no idea about how to carry out an OS update. Well, you should know that it’s important to update the software of your phone to enjoy various improvements, developments and corrections made ​​in the section on performance and security. Such updates often come to the device via OTA (Over The Air), so no need to connect the device to your computer. Most likely get a notification to warn you of its availability. If not, you can also access the section Settings> About device> Update software to check if an update is in the chamber. At this point we should also remember the importance of updating those applications you have installed and they typically receive enhancements and fixes with some frequency. For many application you don’t get the update detail from about device, and you need to check the app store (if you are using fork Android).

Clean the Home screen

You also have to pay attention to the most visible face of your team: the home screen. We recommend that you use a wallpaper or static wallpaper instead and keep animated icons sorted by limiting the amount of widgets. The fewer items you have in the main screen of the phone, the more you will gain in performance.

Uninstall the apps you no longer use

What about the large number of applications you have installed in your phone and downloaded just curiously. Make reviews and controls what applications you actually use and what others are decorative. To do this go to Settings> Applications. Click on Uninstall to remove those apps you no longer use.

Disable animations

Here’s an important change, but difficult to carry out if you have little knowledge of the development of Android. This disables certain animations from the developer options area. Access the section Settings> About phone and scroll to find the number Build. Click on it seven times until the message that identifies you as “developer.” Returning to the previous menu, you should find the different options about animation. You can touch on each of these items to turn them off .

Delete the data from the cache

Storing application data in the cache is used for programs to load faster. And although in most cases it is a tool that will be very useful, it is very likely to continue to store the cache data applications you no longer use. To manage this information we suggest to access the section Settings> Applications. Select the application you want to review and click on Clear Cache.

Turn off automatic synchronization

Synchronization functions are among those options that have the greatest impact on battery life. One (although radical) interesting option is to turn off syncing all applications. There, the most moderate, a tool that reduces the frequency of sync and delete all those accounts you do not need to be so aware. Thus, for example, if you disable the Facebook sync, will have to enter the application to see pending updates. In return, you save yourself a great deal on battery and will increase the overall performance of the device. To accomplish this change access Settings> Auto Sync> Accounts.

Make a reboot and return to the factory settings

If you ended up with a pretty drastic trick, but effective, to gain performance: perform a thorough cleaning of the equipment back to the factory settings. Before starting this process recommend that you back up all important data and then to access the section Settings> Backup and reset> Factory data reset .

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