How to transfer iMessages history from one to another Mac

iMessage is a great way to send text messages to other Mac or iOS users. You can also send attachments, emotions, locations, gifs and much more.

If you have bought a new MacBook or iMac, and want to transfer all messages history to your new Mac, it can be done easily without any hassle. Let’s know what needs to be done.

How to transfer all messages from iMessage app to a new Mac

  • Launch iMessage on your old MacBook
  • Click on Messages in Menu Bar, and click logout
  • Quit iMessage (right-click on iMessage iCon in dock, select quit)
  • Launch Finder
  • Hold the Option Key, and click on Go, and select Library (Library folder won’t appear unless you hold Option Key)
  • Copy Messages Folder to desktop

Trasferring iMessage history to new Mac

  • Now Send the Messages Folder to your new Mac. You can send via AirDrop. If you are facing any issue with AirDrop, just zip the Messages folder using right-click –> compress Messages. Send it via email, and download on new Mac. Make sure you unzip the file after downloading. Just double click on the zip file and it will be unzipped
  • Logout from iMessage on new Mac (if logged in), and quit the iMessage app, just like you did on old Mac
  • Now launch Finder on new Mac
  • Hold Option Key, click on Go, and click Library
  • Open Messages folder (copy and paste the Messages folder on any other location, in case…)
  • Delete all the files and folders located under Messages folder

Restoring Messages to new Mac

  • Now open the Messages Folder that you transferred from your old Mac to New Mac, and Copy all files and folders located there, and paste them to Messages folder on new mac (Paste them in the same place where you deleted files)
  • Restart You Mac, Launch iMessage, Sign in, and you will now see all your messages there

Note : This process will delete all existing messages from your new Mac.

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