Traffic to Work or Home : How to check online

Check Traffic for home or work with Google

Google has made many things easy for us, and Google Map is the best way to navigate to any location you want. You can ask anyone to send his/her location, and you can use Google Map to navigate to that address. Well, Google can also tell you the travel time to reach your destination depending on current traffic situation. Let’s learn how.

You don’t need any specific application or computer. You can use Google Chrome browser on computer, Smartphone or tablet, but you need to be signed in with Google Account.

Traffic to Work

  • Type this in Google Search “Traffic to Work”
  • If you are doing it first time, Google will ask you where you work

Traffic to Work

  • You can type the office building name or Address, and Click on Set As Work. Next time, when you type Traffic to work, Google won’t ask your office address
  • Once you click on Set as Work, Google will show you available route and travel time

Traffic to Work navigation

  • In the screenshot above, I have found 3 routes to reach my office. Clicking on each route will show the full direction
  • You can also select whether you are going by Car, Bus or on foot to get the direction accordingly. In the image above, I have selected Car
  • Google automatically put the Map Navigation link to the route that will take less time. So clicking on Direction will take you directly to Google Map, and you can navigate to your office

Traffic to Home

Traffic to home

Traffic to home work the same way as Traffic to Work. At first you need to tell your home location/address, and Google will save it for the next time. So in future when you type Traffic to Home, it will show you the available route without asking any question as long as you are logged in with the same Google ID