Track your active life with Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike fuelband

If you are conscious about your health, you should get Nike+ FuelBand SE. This is amazingly very useful for all. People related to sports must have one. You can understand from its name that it’s a band, and it fits on your wrist. Nike has made it really stylish and the people who have not seen this earlier will ask you for sure when they see it on your wrist. It’s useful as well as beautiful. It measures the movement of all kinds of activities. It tells you your progress in real time basis. It works all day long and night. It encourages you to have proper exercise to keep yourself fit. It doesn’t matter how old you are, and what profession you are in. It’s not only for sportspeople but for all even for children. It tracks your active life and let you know your progress. Whenever you wish you can check your progress pressing the button on its LED display. It’s not just this, but if you have an iphone (iPhone 4S and above) or an iPod (5th Generation or above), you can get its app from the Apple app store and connect the Nike+ FuelBand with the iPhone or iPod via Bluetooth (as the band has Bluetooth V4.0) and sync the data with Nike+ account. It gives you proper feedback as well. Isn’t it good?

nikeplus fuelband with iPhone

Apart from this, there is Nike+ Group as well where you can communicate with other people and you can even create your own group. Keep yourself and your friends fit help each other and communicating with them! Nike+ FuelBand SE is available in three sizes: 147MM, 172MM and 197MM. You can choose one fits your wrist. Along with this, there are two easy-to-insert links: 8MM and 16MM which helps the band to fit perfectly on your wrist. The device is not waterproof but water resistant. So you can get freshened up, take a shower, or dance in the rain putting on the band, but can’t go for swimming with this. Well, I think Nike should think about it. When it tracks active life, why not swimming? It’s an important activity what we do. You can set a daily goal with it and can track your progress as the light moves from red to green, and you will make sure you achieve the goal. You can also track which activity gives you the more point tracking all your activities through Nike Fuel rate. This will help you to understand when you are most active. When you do your best and even cross the green light, you get trophies and special celebration gets unlocked for you. You can check fuel, steps, calories as well as time. Looks like a stylish watch for a watch guy.

NIke Fuel Band on wrist

Nike+ FuelBand SE has 20 color LEDs which show the progress from red to green , and 100 white LEDs which shows the time, calories burned, steps taken and NikeFuel earned. You can push the button and cycle through all. LEDs’ light gets adjusted automatically according to the environmental light. It comes with sizing tool and USB charging cable. A Nike+ FuelBand SE costs $149 on Nike online store or you can go for a Nike+ FuelBand SE Rose Gold which costs $169. They have used advanced PVD-coated steel clasp, screws and bezel with Nike+ FuelBand SE Rose Gold which makes  it more stylish and durable.

nikeplus fuel band se gold

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