Top 5 Travel Gadgets to Bring on a Cruise

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Ready to go sightseeing on various Caribbean islands?

Going on a cruise is definitely a wonderful experience and there are some things that you should pack as they come in rather handy. 

While you may be thinking about which swimsuit, sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat to pack, you may not have thought about the gadgets you can bring. However, you should make sure you pack travel gadgets that will heighten your experience.

Here is a look at what to take on a cruise

1. Health Kit

You may want to pack light but your health is your wealth so stock up on a few items that can help you, should you have a headache, get a minor scratch or anything else. The healthier you are, the better your trip!

Purchase a health kit that has a bit of everything, for example, some pain killers, motion sickness relief, sanitizer, and insect repellent to name a few.

2. Underwater Camera

Going snorkeling or scuba diving? No need to damage your phone, pack an underwater camera. This is great for capturing pictures and videos.

There are several brands available online, so there is no need to even physically go shopping for one.

3. Portable Device Charger

Don’t worry about your camera running out of power or your phone battery dying! Bring a portable device charger with you. A portable charger means that you can stay powered up all day.

So you’ll never miss an onboard or off ship camera-worthy moment. The bonus is that this device will never be wasted because you can use it after your trip to keep your devices charged up.

4. Phone Case Wallet

You’ll be up and down on your cruise with loads to do, why worry about storing things? Grab a phone case wallet and eave your regular purse or wallet behind.

Grab a phone case wallet. It’s great for storing your cash, phone, and cards all in one location.

5. A Selfie Stick

Whether taking a photo of yourself or being able to catch a moment with the locals, a selfie stick is a must for any cruise. 

It is not only great for your selfies, the stick perfectly captures vacation photos in a large crowd. Simply pull out the arm of the stick to the desired length, raise your camera above the crowd and you’ve got the perfect photo opportunity.

There is never a dull moment on a Caribbean cruise, let us bring your dream of a Caribbean cruise to life, so you can have the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

All Set to Sail!

Knowing what to take on a cruise makes it easier and more memorable. The list above highlights some gadgets that are not only handy but that helps to make your trip amazing.

Be it a selfie stick or a health kit, each adds a special touch to your cruise. If you would like more ideas about which gadget to take on a cruise, please take a look at the tech tips section of our website.