Top 5 Tips for Effective Business Presentation

Making business presentations is as important as making decisions in every business field. Managers can have an exhilarating idea which can boost sales and double company’s market share but if they fail to present it in a proper way, this idea will never be accepted. And it is not only about the persuasiveness of the speech, it is also about a PowerPoint presentation. It should not distract the audience but become your weapon to shoot your target message into heads of corporate governance or investors. And there are 5 tips which will be useful if you still aim at making your presentation.


5 Rules of Successful Presentation:

  1. Start with a boom: If you don’t attract attention at the beginning, you will fail to attract it later. Make your audience sit with wide opened eyes, not with half-shut yawning mouths. There are a lot of tips how to make a striking start like asking a rhetorical question or telling astonishing facts. Don’t forget that attention should warm up so start should not be the only fascinating moment;
  2. Don’t be ordinary: If you use standard templates, you will never attract attention. You will disappoint and make the audience observe what they’ve seen before. Smart presenter takes care of that, downloading original templates from thus making the presentation unique and attractive. Even if it comes at cost;
  3. Prove your statements numerically: If you want to show that sales will increase, you should show it in numbers. Stay specific, use graphs and charts always trying to give a detailed explanation of each figure;
  4. Force your audience to think: If your audience ponders, it focuses on your presentation. Making this step remains not difficult, it requires you making special slides including quotes, questions, phrases with large font etc. And never forget about asking questions to the audience when necessary;
  5. Prepare for Q&A: Your presentation doesn’t stop at the finishing slides. Your presentation finishes with your question and answer session. And even if there are no questions, think about those which can possibly arise and begin your ‘after presentation speech’ with the following words “I am always asked about…”. This seems a hard part but if you burn with your idea, you will succeed.


Clear structure is a key to maintaining attention

Keeping your audience focused is not easy, especially when your presentation takes 15 or 20 minutes. But successful presenters are never afraid of that. Why? Because they can use logic and structure presentation in a way which will be straightforward and cohesive for listeners. Business people love structure. And if you can attract the audience and are able to properly structure your speech, you will have an immense value as a presenter.

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