Top 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages and English Speaking Countries

Most Widely Spoken language and english speaking country

What is the most widely spoken language in the World?

If you are thinking it’s English, then you are wrong. English holds the third position, and Chinese is at the top. So how come Chinese became the most widely spoken language? Well, If you know the population of china, then you have the answer. However, China is not the only country where Chinese language is spoken. There are many Chinese who have migrated or settled in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, so you can find many Chinese speakers in those countries, according to BBC report. However, they are still Chinese, so the population of China is the primary reason that made the language popular.

Spanish is the top second most widely spoken language. There are many countries that uses Spanish as official Language; Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa, Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguaye, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela, reported by Wikipedia. That was about the official language, but there are still many other countries where official language is not Spanish, but many people still speak Spanish. So you understand how Spanish holds the top second position.

List of top 10 most widely spoken languages

  1. Chinese : 1302-million
  2. Spanish : 427-million
  3. English : 339-million
  4. Arabic : 267-million
  5. Hindi : 260-million
  6. Portuguese : 202-million
  7. Bengali : 189-million
  8. Russian : 171-million
  9. Japanese : 128-million
  10. Lahnda : 117-million

Lahnda : You may have heard of this language for the first time. Lahnda includes Hindko, Pahari, Punjabi and Saraiki language.

Statistic from Ethnologue

List of Top 10 English Speaking Countries



1United States95.81%251,388,301
5United Kingdom97.74%59,600,000

Statistic : MapsOfWorld

How India holds the top second position in English Speaking Countries

India hold the second position, because of its population. India is the top second country after China as far as population is concerned. So China should have held the second position, but they are not even in top 10, because they promote and prefer Chinese over English. Look at the percentage of people who speak English in India, it’s just 11.38%, and that’s the lowest percentage in the chart. So if we make calculation according to percentage, India will be out of top 10. Philippines seems to be doing a great job with 92.58% that even beats Canada.

BPO Industry (Business Process Outsourcing) has made English even more popular in India. Almost all the BPO sector hires only those people who speak English, and it holds the great percentage of employment in India. There are many US, UK and Australian companies that outsource their work, and India tops in BPO industry.

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