Tips to take pictures with a smartphone

Increasingly, mobile companies are incorporating best quality cameras with their smartphones that allow us to not only store memories but also give a photographic record of everything we do in social networks. Thus, the smartphones have been becoming a new medium that allows us to exploit our most creative photographic skills . However, keep in mind that a good picture is not all about the quality of the camera of your smartphone, but also the way you do it. For this reason, we give you some tips to keep in mind that will allow us to capture better pictures with a smartphone.

Meet the camera of your device 

You should know what your device camera is up to, and it’s not just knowing the advantages of the camera, but also its limitations. Both rely on when you snap by your smartphone. For ex: If you just bought the Motorola latest flagship “Moto E” and trying to snap at night, then what do you expect to happen? Moto E doesn’t have a flash, so you can’t do it without the light.

Choose an application to edit pictures

There are many very famous applications such as Instagram and Snapseed, which allow editing of the photos we captured with our smartphone. The filters that offer this type of application are very good on the pictures. Just have to choose the best results offered.

Do not abuse the Zoom

Most of the smartphones have digital zoom, not optical zoom, so the results on photography often disastrous. So if you want to photograph something closer, it is best to draw ourselves to the object or person you want to portray and forget to complaint about the zoom feature of the camera of your smartphone.

your style to snapCaring for the composition

This is one of the keys to photography of everyday objects, true works of art. Search bold compositions is one of the keys to improve our artistic flair. Combine shapes, textures and colors is a track where we can learn to take care of our catch composition with a smartphone.

Find your style

It had never been so easy to always have a camera in your pocket and be able to photograph everything happens instantly. Therefore, finding a personal style is easier than ever. Everyone has their own style, and this is what makes you unique. Coping others doesn’t help all the time. So be unique, and find your style to capture the best moment of your life.

Tip: never stop experimenting. Our creativity plays a key role to find a personal style. Nothing has been simple in the world, and everything you do needs effort. So, keep up your good work and never lose it.

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