Tips to protect from the spies in Android

Android security has been compromised. A recent report has revealed that there is a security flaw in the Android operating system which allows access to the camera of the Android Phones. This means that we may be being recorded through the smartphone camera without being aware of it. Since this is a very serious security failure, we have no choice but to start implementing certain precautions to try to be safe from such problems. In this article we will take a look at the safety tips to make sure we are safe. Although we can never be certain that we are free to fall into any of these security failures unless we protect our Android Phones against such threats.

Beware of the applications installed on our mobile

We all know that we must be cautious while installing any app on our mobiles, but you might not be aware that there is an almost foolproof way to prevent infected applications to be installed on your terminal: You can go to the phone settings, click on security, and you get the option which says “Unknown Source” or might be a different word depending on the mobile. If this option is checked, it will allow to install apps from unknown sources. To be in the safer side keep it unchecked.

Now there another option under is security as well “Verify Apps.” By default this option is checked that always warn you or disallow the apps to be installed if the system thinks that this app can cause problem or harm your system. Keep it checked.

While installing an application-for example, a game asks the permission to use camera, it is better to seek other application to avoid unnecessary risks. You should use your logic that why a game wants to access our camera?

Use two-step verification for your Google Account

Though we are careful with the applications installed on the phone, anyone with the access to our Google account can settle applications remotely. Therefore, ideally we activate the two step verification for Google account to make the security stronger. This security measure is available under this link:

Remove the apps you longer use

An outdated and abandoned application by developer runs the risk of ending up being infected, so the sooner we get rid of it the better it is. The other good benefit what you get from this action is your systems gets faster as well. We hardly use all the apps installed on our system, and so many apps installed on your Android mobile can slow the mobile down.

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