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Adsense Live Event
Photo : Google

Google Adsense is the most popular platform for Publishers as well as Advertiser. It prevents fake traffic and Click, and saves money of advertisers giving them the best result for the amount they Pay. They pay the best possible CTR to Publishers to earn as much as they can.

However, there are definitely some tricks that can help you earn more from your AdSense Banners. Banner Size, Banner Location, Your Blog Design, and there are many factors that affects earning. Google has started sending an invitation as they do time-to-time to help Publishers to make the most of their AdSense Account.

AdSense Publisher Hangout Session Event Detail

Date : February 12, 2016

Time : 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT), It’s GMT Time, not the time of your country. You can find out what time it will be in your country from Greenwichmeantime.com

Duration : 30 minutes

Venue : Online, Hangout on Air

What will you learn from the AdSense Publisher Hangout Session?

You will learn how to maximize the revenue from your Google AdSense Account. Google’s AdSense Team will showcase the latest tools and innovations to help publishers in monetization. These are the points that will be discussed.

  • Website and ad best practices
  • Ad formats for your site
  • Mobilisation strategies
  • Ads for the mobile users
  • Other ways to earn money from your site

How will I join AdSense Live Event?

For registration, You will require to put your email address, and press next. Then you need to enter your First and Last Name, and submit it. You will receive a confirmation email with the link, and that link will be used to join the event on 12th of February.

Register yourself here for AdSense Live Event