This WiFi bed notifies to parents the napping or activities hours of children

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Last year, the company has already submitted the Sleep IQ Number bed connected with monitors to measure the value of our sleep. The next step this year is a connected bed also allows parents to know if the child is sleeping or just killing time in gossips with fellows or on its mobile.

This is an amazing kind of Wi-Fi bed; all this futuristic bed mattress is filled with pressure sensors that measure the movements of the child (it is a child-size bed), and even child’s pulse and breathing rate. All these data are sent to a smart phone or tablet application that also discusses sleep patterns of the children to see how they are affected by daily activities or diet that parents are used for the health of children.

Wi-fi bed for children

The bed also alert parents if the child drops out of bed in the mid of the night, and even turns on some lights under the bed to reduce the fear that little may have while sleeping alone. These lights can be turned on and off from the application. This is truly a splendid bed for those children with age between 4-6 years old, building up their sleep habit. The Sleep IQ Number bed will hit the market or will be available for sale later this year at a price around $ 1,000.