Things you can do with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S that are not possible with the iPad

Samsung has begun selling its new tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S. They are available in two sizes: One with a screen of 8.4 inches and a pixel density of 359 dpi (dots per inch) and another with a screen of 10.5 inches and 288 dpi. Both screens are SuperAMOLED . Except the weight, dimensions and battery, we will share the other specifications. Furthermore, within the Apple family, the most similar product is the iPad Mini 2, which has been available since November 2013 has an IPS LCD 7.9 inches screen with LED backlight and a pixel density of 324 ppi.

Here are some features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S that is not found in iPad:

The video is paused when the user stops looking at the screen

In the menu section devoted to the screen, contains the Smart Stay function. When it is enabled, allows you to pause video playback when the user don’t look at the screen. The device detects using the front camera. The manufacturer introduced this new feature in Galaxy S4 as well.

Two applications next to each other

Samsung multiscreen mode is used to open two applications and run them simultaneously so that the two apps appear next to each other on the home screen, and the user can operate both at the same time and can do multi-tasking easily.

The display settings change depending on the content

The display settings of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab vary depending on the kind of content that is being displayed. The contrast, brightness, sharpness and color gamut are automatically modified to adapt to watching movies or reading digital magazines, for example.

Special mode for children

Parents can select a specific mode with additional controls restricting content for children to use a Galaxy Tab S safely. The interface is simplified with respect to the normal.

Make payments with fingerprint

Like the Samsung Galaxy S5 , the Galaxy Tab S includes a fingerprint reader on the start button. Samsung has partnered with PayPal to use fingerprint authentication as a method to verify the payment instead of entering a password.

Quick Fix (sliding a finger across the screen)

Samsung offers a wide variety of quick settings such as enabling and disabling Bluetooth, directly from the home screen. Simply slide your finger up and down on the screen. Apple includes a similar method, using slides from the bottom to the top of the screen, although the functions available are lower.

Check a smartphone with the Galaxy Tab S

This is the SideSync function, designed to handle a mobile phone from the tablet. Lets you make calls directly from the tablet and easily transfer files between devices. Now, it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Customize the home screen with widgets

Drag and drop widgets on the home screen is not available with Samsung tablets only, but is available with any mobile device with Android OS.

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