Some basic things to consider before choosing a hosting service provider

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Building up a website/blog is not too tough these days, even a person without any technical knowledge can do this. Everyday so many blogs are built up, and so many expire as well. We need to take care of some basic things, and one of the most important things is choosing a hosting provider. You can’t choose any provider just like that. Let’s know about it.

  • You should know what you are looking for? If you have not created any blog earlier, you should make sure they have easy to use templates to build up your site, and make sure you get the full access to cPanel so that if you are not willing to use their template, you can install WordPress or Joomla, and can create your new blog or site. If you are going to build up a blog, the best option is to go for WordPress, because the templates provided by the hosting providers are not good enough.


    • You should always look for the feedback before choosing a hosting provider. Today’s best hosting provider might be the worst next day. So always rely on current review. I know bloggers hate Google, but you have to trust that Google provides the best search result, this is why Google is the search engine King. So use Google to find the current reviews of the hosting providers.


    • Beware of fancy offers as they might be eyewash. Always go for the trusted hosting provider who has been providing the service for a long time. Reliability is the most important thing for any blog or website. Go for those who guarantee for more than 99% uptime, but don’t just believe them reading on their website but check reviews.


    • If you want to host many blogs, then go for multiple domains hosting service, because hosting each blog/site on the different hosting account will cost you so much. There is one important thing here: when you choose multiple sites hosting service, you need to choose either shared or dedicated IP service. Shared IP is the cheaper option, because you will have the same IP for all your blogs. If you want different IPs with one hosting account, go for the dedicated IP hosting service.


    • Choosing the hosting platform is one of the most important parts of a hosting account. Some people think they can’t go for Linux hosting just because they have a Windows system. Well, it doesn’t make any difference what computer you are using, as there is no relating of hosting server and your computer system. If it was so they might have given the option for Android Hosting Server. Linux hosting is cheaper and reliable as I have my own experience.  You can Google it.


    • While purchasing a hosting account make sure you by secure server only (https://). It ensures the security of your bank/card details. All of the reliable hosting service providers have it.


    • Most of the hosting service providers offer discount for the first year, but make sure you can afford to pay the normal rental from the next year. Always google for the coupon code, to get the best deal. If you can’t find the coupon code, talk to the service provider. They do offer discount for new customers and to retain the existing customers. I have tried, and it works.


    • If you are not sure whether the hosting service provider provides a competitive hosting (in terms of uptime server, loading time etc), you can register for a month, and then try it. If you like, then renew it. There are providers who give you the option to cancel the account anytime (throughout the year), and get full refund (pro-rata based). If it’s so in your case, you don’t need to worry though you register for a year.


    • Now, the most important thing what each and every customer need is “good customer service.” When you face any issue, you will certainly call the service provider. If they are not helpful, you are more likely to leave regardless of the good server and other good things they have.


    • Do check if they provide easy access to your files using FTP, and a good amount of disk space. There are lots of providers who provide unlimited disk space at a cost effective price. All you need to do is “google it.”


Best of luck!