Things that Apple didn’t say about Apple TV

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Apple TV Siri Remote

Apple told many great things about Apple TV, like Siri option to control your TV with voice, Game Play option, new TVOS, App store and there are more. However, there are still things that Apple didn’t tell.

Surround sound

We always think about 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setup, and sometimes get confused which one to buy. Well, you don’t need to get confused in case of Apple TV. Apple TV has support for 7.1 surround sound. So the sound quality is gonna be amazing.

4K Videos

New iPad Pro allows to edit three 4K videos at one, iPhone 6s and 6s plus can also record 4K videos, but Apple TV left behind. It supports up to Full HD video (1080 pixels). So, it can’t stream 4K, not even 2K videos.

Supports of Basic games only

Games with high quality graphic or advanced games can’t be played on Apple TV. It doesn’t allow to play any games larger than 200 MB, and we all know that high quality games are always in Gigabytes size. So Play Station and Xbox have not lost its importance so far.

HDMI Cable not included

Well, this is one of the basic accessories for any Smart TV Box, and selling is separately doesn’t really make sense. HDMI cable costs $ 5 only, but Apple didn’t bother to include.

Apple TV

Limited Storage

Apple TV will be sold in 2 storage option; 32GB and 64GB. So you will be limited to this. You can’t download so many apps and songs. There is USB Type-C slot, but Apple says its for servicing purpose only. They didn’t allow access to users for this port. You can’t add any flash storage Hard Drive/USB to access media files.

TV Safety

Oops! We can’t believe that Apple just missed it. No they didn’t, but it’s not free. It’s needed very much in any Smart TV Box. You can’t just lock anything without it. How would you feel when you are playing a game, and your child just pressed Siri Remote / Siri Remote got pressed accidentally? It would pop up on the screen leaving your game behind, and spoil that moment. Apple sales remote loop separately to earn extra cash.