The Oppo R7 Edgeless smartphone: Oppo can amaze us with its frameless design

Oppo R7

Oppo wants us to have something special in hand, and that regardless of the hardware with which this Oppo R7 is equipped; this will get a good sales due to the idea of presenting it as edgeless smartphone. Maybe we will not regret to say that it is also one of the most recently leaked phones, because the more users want to see it with more increasing hype.

This expected device returns to see its face through a video Sina Tech, which offers a touchdown in which we can see with great detail many of the highlights of this device, as its user interface, chassis, and especially the effect that gives it a special look that has no edges.

The trick is to bend the screen

And the Oppo trick for the mobile to disguise its bezels on the way in which the glass stands and side bend , which in essence is seen from near impossible not to remind us of the effect of newly launched Galaxy Edge S6 which is also an edgeless smartphone.

Sina Techa also warns that the model of the video is just a prototype created by the manufacturer to show the screen “frameless”, so still have to wait to see the final design that could become quite different mobile we’ve been seeing over the last leaks.

Let’s wait if they change the specifications? Because that question is still unanswered, but so far that were leaked a few days ago that Oppo R7 will have a housing thickness of 4.85 mm, a 4.7 inch screen with HD resolution, MediaTek MT6795 chipset eight cores and 64-bit architecture and a camera 20.7 megapixels. Lets see how this edgeless smartphone strike the users.

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