The European application to reduce food waste

The European Commission (EC) has prompted an application for mobile devices that lets the user know if the products you want to buy are availble at discounted price or not. Those products that are close to expiration date, will be found at discounted rate with the idea of reducing food waste, the EU executive said. This application, known as FoodLoop and is under development at this time. It will be launched soon and will premiere the first in a bakery and two organic food supermarkets in the German city of Bonn, the EC said in a statement. “The goal is that by 2025 all supermarkets are equipped with this device,” said Christoph Müller-Dechent FoodLoop founder.

This feature is supported by the SAP company, while other companies, such as Spanish Telefónica will contribute to its development. After downloading the app, users can do a custom product search in general or with specific characteristics and may consult offers available in your local area, he said.

For convenience, FoodLoop offers the user the possibility to create their usual purchase products and, through a service immediate notification may receive offers newly applied in these products at your favorite store, supermarket chains or the zone in which is located.

In Germany, millions of tons food ends in trash, which ends up destroying high quality products and a huge loss. According to FoodLoop website, 550,000 tons of food are trashes by the German food retail industry alone, especially those foods that are closed to expiry date. This huge loss and food waste can be avoided! With this system (Foodloop app, “We will not only save money but also food waste.”

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