The curved TVs: Samsung introduces the next generation TV

Samsung is a manufacturer that always try to pioneer the development of new technologies. One of the most important fields of television is where the brand is positioned as a prominent leader. The Korean company has started marketing its first curve screen televisions, a design that can bring new experience and revolution into the technology world. What do you think about the curve television? Is it worth to go for one of these televisions? Samsung explains the main advantages of the new designs against the flat television sets to which we are accustomed.

Using a curved design TV Samsung allow us to get several interesting improvements in the panels of the brand. On one hand, these items allow you to create a experience closer to the way in which our vision is built. To squeeze this technology, we must approach the TV to a short distance (this effect is lost if we watch is from a longer distance). As a result, it creates an immersive experience for watching movies and videos.

If you watch the TV from normal distance (3-4 meters) it will give the amazing quality of the videos. For Samsung , the TV can be mounted on the wall easily and you can enjoy watching it, but as I think the curve design might look awkward on a flat wall (you can try if you enjoy it), or you might make a curved place especially to fit the TV  and can enjoy.

Another notable aspect of these televisions curves is the fact that the optimum area for displaying the team is greater cornering television concerning flat panel displays. Of course, this advantage becomes a drawback in the case in which we place ourselves out of this view (eg if we are watching the TV from a lateral position). That means curved brand TV are not recommended for use in places like bars or restaurants where some of the users are located on the sides.

Also noteworthy technology Auto Depth Enhancer brand, which analyzes each scene shown on the display to separate the different levels and increase the contrast in objects that are closer . This feature creates a sense of depth that increases the realism of the scenes. To put it simply, a slight feeling of being in creating 3D images without using glasses. Though Samsung is also marketing curved TVs resolution as Full HD as well as UHD, and the UHD TV can produce better picture quality than any other TV in 4K resolution.

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