The best free apps to save battery on your Android


The biggest problem with the current smartphones is much battery consumption. Today, I propose several apps that will help increase the battery of your Android Smartphone.

1. GreenPower (Free Battery Saver)

GreenPower is a fully automatic application. Once configured for the first time, you need not to touch it, because it will make its work autonomously. You can adjust to your liking thousands of variables, such as 2G / 3G / LTE, Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi connection. On the other hand, is compatible with virtually any Android phone, from Froyo to Lollipop.

Ensures that is able to increase by 100% the life of your battery. I’ve tried it and it works well.

Strong point: is probably the most configurable to all, and furthermore, is autonomous.

2. BetterBatteryStats

This application is not free, it costs 2 €, but I have found it interesting and that’s why I added in this list. Good statistics of your battery is vital to know where you spend most and least your phone. Following this you can take the appropriate decisions to improve autonomy. Also, it offers many more configuration options.

Strong point: maximum ease of use and an extremely simple interface.

3. Greenify

With Greenify, you can also hide the applications that are not in use, so that apart from saving system resources and RAM, also save you battery and earn those precious minutes before putting the terminal to load. You can gain interesting extra features.

Strong point: Perhaps the best app available today to save as much battery as system resources.

4. HD Battery

This application not only has the simple name, but also its use. HD Battery provides an elegant interface with a battery icon in blue (by default, but can change color) with the percentage of the remainder. At the bottom you’ll find information on runtime that remains in different categories. Music, video, Internet or conversation If move to the right will get more details as the battery time you have for games, GPS navigation or flashlight.

Strong point: In Settings will find the option to calibrate. Through it you can obtain more accurate battery usage.

5. DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets

This application is more directed to users who have or had used many applications. With it you will discover what applications are consuming battery in the background. In addition, you can stop them through the OneKey Testing option, which allows you to optimize energy.

Not only informs us of consumer applications, but also the elements of hardware such as display, CPU, sensors or Radio. Due to the widget you’ll have access to the system elements that you want to turn off and then adjust the different modes according situations.

Strong point: This application includes a calendar with all the details of the behavior of battery, including, when really the load was optimized. With the Pro version of the application can also obtain a second control CPU frequency, mode of travel time and other functions.

6. Easy Battery Saver

It’s a multi-task-centered battery management tool. Easy Battery Saver informs you of the autonomy of your Smartphone in different categories (chat, internet, music and video), it also offers the option of optimization.

Strong point: Note the option of multiple users, with which configure different situations.

7. JuiceDefender – Battery saver

With JuiceDefender you can also create different profiles depending on situations. From my point of view it’s the most advanced application.

Strong point: JuiceDefender automatically searches for WiFi if there’s an available network. This application is very good, but if you download the Pro version, which costs € 1.99. Whoever wants more, can opt for the Ultimate version which costs € 4.99.

8. One Touch Battery Saver

This application also offers three-phase load and a way of saving energy in interesting way, which can be switched off via the widget. With One Touch Battery Saver will have the basic and most important functions of a tool for the battery.

Strong point: You can choose from different themes for the home screen. The user interface is very simple and, in general, is a very useful tool.

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