The best applications of Nexus 6 to retouch your selfies

nexus 6The Nexus 6 is a smartphone that has entered in the pace of smartphones with much reputation because it has incredible apps … and it’s the fact that it is much more expensive than we all expected. However, no doubt it has become a bestseller, and among other virtues are its cameras, with which you can get great selfies. If you capture selfies it just convince you and want to stay perfect; so do not miss this list of the best applications of Nexus 6 to retouch your selfies; this list includes interesting apps like BeFunky Photo Editor, Facetune, rhetoric, YouCam, and MyLook.


Rhetoric is an application for lovers of filters for photos. In fact it is one of the most downloaded and most valued because app. It has over eighty different filters with which you can always give a twist to selfies taken with your Nexus 6, by changing the color, the tone, the hotness of the image, or adding colored borders. Rhetoric also serves as software to control the camera and has a tool to create collages through mixing different selfies photos.

BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor is an application that has three main functions. On the one hand you can use it directly as the camera of your Nexus 6, on the other hand it has a lot of tools to edit your photos, and thirdly it can be used to create photo collages, if instead of a selfie you want to create a composition with your best portraits you can use it. As for the editing tools, plus filters and frames, you can crop and rotate the image, blur and sharpen, add bullets and stickers, and apply special features like Beautify to embellish photos automatically, or fill with light.


Facetune is an application that has enchanted us for the Nexus 6, but has the downside that it has no free trial version; it has solid tools that we don’t find in other editors and also specialized in editing selfies. With the warp option can lose or gain weight on specific parts of the picture. There are tools to soften the image to remove wrinkles, and another to remove skin blemishes. It even has a special tool to whiten teeth. Finally we can see a gallery of color filters getting yet very natural interesting effects.


One of the most interesting options of YouCam is the automatic trim, a feature through which your pictures taken with the Nexus 6 will be great, with a choice of six different levels of naturalness. You can also use its tools manually to remove wrinkles, eliminate areas of dark or erase imperfections skin. You can even change forms, making your face appear thinner, your eyes bigger and bright, and even completely erase objects there in the background.


MyLook is for those who want to give a touch of humor to its selfies. In addition to deform the face with fingers or change the color of the eyes, one of the things users like most of this app is a gallery of accessories such as wigs, glasses or mouths, due to which you can add a fancy touch in your selfies and you will get a laugh out of everyone who see the pictures of your Nexus 6. It also has more traditional tools, such as adjusting the brightness, color and contrast.

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