The best applications for video calls on Android

Android is assumed as one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It comes with much of the low cost devices that make it even more successful. The bestie of the platform includes its large number of applications that can make many uses for our day to day work.

In today’s content we’ll discuss about one of the most demanded android’s application “video calls”. Such applications are very interesting because they allow us to make video calls for free. Let’s discuss these apps in detail.

Google Hangout

With Hangouts app on Android devices, you can call on phones, send messages and make video calls with multiple devices and multiple people. You can also share photos and your location with others. To use this service, you need to have a Google account.

Meanwhile, you can make calls to your country or abroad if you have a Wi-Fi or data connection (4G, for example). You have to download the Marker Hangouts if you want to activate the application Android Hangouts. Almost all calls to US and Canada are free from the countries where you staying. If you also have a No. of ‘Google Voice’, you can also receive calls.


Since 2003 Skype refers to video calls. Skype for Android enables, make and receive Skype video calls for free to other Skype users who use iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs, or other Android phones and even TVs. Users can make low cost calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide, can send SMS to anywhere in the world from Android device.

The interface of Skype for Android has a minimalist design that highlights your main menu. From this, users can easily navigate to contact you. The application also provides access to profiles of Skype contacts or sees the balance, which is available on Skype account. The menu has a status box located at the top.


Viber call is a service based on VoIP (Voice over IP), which competes directly with Skype providing some important advantages, such as the absence of the need for records, the ability to send text messages and the system automatically displays an icon of Viber in phone address book.

The advantage of using VoIP is that both calls and messages have the cost of user data rate if you use 3G, if a WiFi connection is used, the cost is zero. The only requirement is that the recipient user should have Viber too.

Viber is completely free and requires no additional application.


Tango is an Android application, allows the users to communicate with your contacts by call or video calls over 3G or WIFI. It’s a free application like Skype, with the grace that adds your calendar program and lets you know with whom you can make video calls or not. An interesting option of Tango is that while you are doing the videoconference can change the front camera to the back with one touch and change the video mode of communication only audio whenever you want.


Line has positioned itself among the top 10 most downloaded applications in 52 different countries. The application allows users to make voice and free video calls, send group messages, and also has lots of funny stickers to encourage your conversations. As few services, also offers multi-platform support, making it perfect for users who have more than one mobile and seeking always be connected.


ooVoo is another very similar to Viber or Tango application. It can be used to make HD video calls, audio calls, group chat and send free messages to other users on the same application.


Via Snapchat instant video service you can also make video calls live one on one and send text messages. Snapchat works differently to the rest of the way video call applications.

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