Most Popular Texting Acronyms or Shortcuts used in chat

Texting Acronyms

These days social media is very popular, and new generation usage many shortcuts in chat. These shortcuts are known as Acronyms. Today we will tell you the most popular texting acronyms that are used during chats on various social messaging apps.

What does Acronym mean?

Acronyms are the abbreviations that are made of initial letters or many words, together it is pronounced as word. For example : The acronyms of National Aeronautics and Space Administration is NASA. We usually ask “What does NASA Stand for?” In this sentence NASA is acronym.

Here are some most popular Texting Acronyms (Also known as Texting Shortcuts)

Note : These Texting Shortcuts are used in capital as well as small letter

143 or ILU : I Love You

69 Position : Used to describe sex position when both partners sucking each others’ sexual organs

404 : I don’t have a clue

53X : Sex

6 : Sex

121 or 101 : Private Conversation between 2 people

2 : to

4 : for

6y : Sexy

2moro : Tomorrow

2n8 or 2nite : Tonight

? : What do you mean or What

ASL : Age, Sex and Location

Add : Address

A : Asshole

Ahan : Expression to say I am listening

ASAP : As soon as Possible

BRB : Be Right Back

BC : Boka Choda (Used by Bengalis, that means an Stupid Person)

B2B : Business-to-business

B2C : Business-to-customers

BF : Boyfriend

B4 : Before

BBQ : Barbeque

BCoz : Because

BDay : Birth Day

BFF : Best Friend Forever

BTW : By the way

CMON : Come on

Coz : Cause

C : Chutia (Used in some Asian countries, means Stupid Person)

C : See

CU : See you

CU2 : See you too

D : The

DC : Disconnect or Disconnected

DIY : Do it Yourself

DL : Download

Dunno : I don’t know

EOD : End of the Day

EZ : Easy

F : A Girl

F2F : Face to Face

FB : Facebook

Gud : Good

Gif : Animated Images

Gal : Girl

Geek : A person with lots of technical knowledge, and keep searching stuffs on internet, and resolve his own and others issue

GF : Girlfriend

GR8 : Great

GM : Good Morning

GN : Good Night

Hubby : Husband

HRU : How are you

HV : Have

HW : Home Work

H8 : Hate

IDK : I don’t know

LOL : Laughing Out Loud

LMFAO : Laughing my f***ing ass off

Lappy : Laptop

L8 : Late

L8R : Later

Mob : Mobile

Meh : No Interest or Uninspiring

MF : Mother F***er

M or F : Male or Female

Noob : Newbie

Nop : No

NP : No Problem

N8 : Night

OK or K : Okay

OT : Off Topic

P2P : Peer-to-Peer or Parent-to-Parent

Plz : Please

PM : Private Message

PPL : People

Q8 : Cute  or Quit

QT : Cutie

R : Are

ROFL : Rolling on Floor Laughing

RT : Retweet or Real Time

RU : Are you

R8 : Right

SD : Sweet Dreams

Thx : Thank You

T Break : Short Break

TFL : Thread from hell

TC : Take Care

U : You

UL : Upload

VRY : Very

WC : Welcome

W8 : Wait

WB : Welcome Back

WTF : What the F***

Waz Up : What’s up

XYZ : Anything or Anybody

XOXO : Hugs and Kisses

X : Kiss

Y : Why

Yep : Yes

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