Tasks to complete before you sell your old iPhone

The U.S. manufacturer Apple Keeps on launching new models and version for its iPhone. In this situation the existing iPhone gets older early. we can sell the old one and buy new. Selling old one will give us some money, and we can add more from our pocket to buy a new model (Only if you wish).

But selling an iPhone is not as simple as one can imagine. It’s not just like put it on a website mentioning its second hand and interested people will contact you, but we must first prepare our iPhone for sale, configuring all the settings to allow mobile ready for sale. What we basically do is delete all our private data and leave the iPhone the way we bought it at the time.

Let’s know how we can prepare it in the best way for sale:

Before erasing all our data, the first thing to do is make a backup of our phone. The process to backup is very simple: we access the application settings, once you are there, you need to click on “iCloud”, then click on the option “Storage and backup”and finally, click on the option “Backup”. So we can perform the backup, and it is essential that we have also enabled the option to “Copy iCloud”.

When we back up, we will automatically keep all of our data on the terminal server in the cloud that you can access at any time to rescue and copy this information into our new iPhone.

Once the backup part is done, the next thing to do is leave the iPhone on its factory state (as coming when we bought it). This again accede application settings, enter the “General” option and then click on the option to “Reset”. Within this section we have several options at our availability, and in this case we click on the option “Erase All Content and Settings.”

In this case, you may be asked to put the security code (if you have set up one) to proceed with the deletion of personal data, and You may be asked for the terminal to deactivate the function “Find My iPhone”, before proceeding with the deletion process data, we go to the application settings, click on the option ” iCloud “and disable the option “Find My iPhone”.

Once we have followed all these steps, you iPhone is now ready for sale. We can only advertise the sale in the buying and selling portals, and do not forget to adjust the price as much as possible in order to sell the phone soon.

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