How to setup TalkTalk Email on Smartphone, Tablet and Computer

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TalkTalk is one of the major Internet, Telephone and TV service provider in the UK. Like other service providers, TalkTalk also provides free email account to their Subscribers. If you don’t have a TalkTalk email account, you can create while registering yourself on My Account. If you are already registered, login to MyAccount, and you can create a new TalkTalk Email Address from there.

TalkTalk Email Account can be accessed;

  1. From Internet Browser ( TalkTalk Webmail )
  2. From Computer (via any email client, like Apple Mail or Outlook)
  3. From Smartphones or Tablets (including Android, iPhone or iPad)

How to access TalkTalk Webmail from Internet Browser

TalkTalk Webmail

TalkTalk Webmail doesn’t require any additional settings or software. You can simply Visit TalkTalkWebmail Page, login with your TalkTalk email ID and Password, and access your email account.

TalkTalk Email Settings for Computer, SmartPhones and Tablets

You can use either IMAP or POP3 option on your device to set up TalkTalk Mail. Make sure you use IMAP on Windows 8 Computer.

TalkTalk Email POP3 and IMAP Settings


Incoming Mail Server :

Outgoing Mail Server :

Outgoing Port : 587

Incoming Port : 143 (IMAP), 110 (POP 3)

Outgoing SSL : NO

Outgoing Authentication : Yes

IMAP Configuration is recommended

If you have an email address from Tiscali, Onetel or any other Service provider that has been merged with TalkTalk, please visit this page to get the Settings for your email account.

How to Set up TalkTalk Email on Mac (Apple Mail) running OS X El Capitan

  • Go to System Preferences on Mac (Click Apple icon in menu bar, and select System Preferences)
  • Click Internet Account under System Preferences
  • Now you will get the option to add account, you need to select Add Other Account

Adding email account on Mac

  • Then Select Mail Account in the next Window
  • Now you will have to enter your Name, Email Address and Password, and then click Sign in
  • If you get the error “Password could not be sent to “” securely,” please ignore, and click Continue
  • The click on Done (you may untick other options (except Mail) that you don’t want to be synced)
  • Now you can exit the setup window, and launch Apple Mail

Still Facing Issue?

If you are using older version of Mac OS X, you can launch the Apple Mail Application –> Click Mail option in menu bar –> Select Preferences, and then set up manually with the settings we have mentioned above.

How to Setup TalkTalk Email On Outlook Express, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 or all other version of Outlook

Outlook Email Client

How to Setup TalkTalk Mail on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

  • Go to Settings app on your device
  • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Tap Add Accounts
  • Select Other
  • Tap Add Mail Account
  • Enter your Name, TalkTalk Email Address, Password, Description (description could be anything)
  • After filling all the information, tap Next
  • Now you may see this message on the screen “The Outgoing Mail Server Setting Provided is intended for O2 customers in the UK. O2 customers should enter their O2 email address in the primary outgoing mail server Username field and their Password.” Ignore the message, and tap Next
  • You will get the option to choose apps to sync information, you can disable other options, but you must keep Mail option enabled
  • Finally, hit the Save option
  • Now you can launch the Mail app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and start using TalkTalk email

How to Setup TalkTalk Email on Android, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle Fire and other devices

We have already given the full settings above for TalkTalk Mail (IMAP and POP3). Add a new email account on your device, and follow the screen’s prompt. Visit this page and select your device/operating system if you face any issue.

TalkTalk Mail Setup for Smartphones and tablets