Store All Your iOS Passwords in One Place with 4uKey – Password Manager

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It’s quite difficult to remember all the passwords we have for different apps and websites. Using the same password for everything may sound the easy workaround, but it’s not recommended by experts. If you do so, it’s like hacking one account and getting access to all of them at once.  So a Password Manage tool could be quite helpful to keep all the passwords in one place. We will introduce a cool password manager tool that works for iPhones as well as iPads without jailbreaking the device.

4uKey – Password Manager: An iOS Password Manage Tool

4uKey – Password Manager is a password manager tool built for iPhones and iPads. This tool keeps the record of all your passwords and helps you find them when you forget. These are some of the features that you should know about this app:

Viewing The WiFi Password on iPhones and iPads Without Jailbreak

We all know that iOS devices don’t let you see the WiFi Passwords even for those networks you are connected to. You may get the option to share WiFi Password if you are connecting another device, but you will still not be able to see it. 4uKey – Password Manager allows viewing all the WiFi Passwords you have connected to.

Find the Apps, Mail, and Websites’ Password

Whether you are using an app, email account or a website, 4uKey – Password Manager – Password Manager can find the login detail. So when you forget the login information. You can use this Password manager tool to view the ID and Password you used to log in to a particular app or a website.

Keep the record of Credit Cards

The app can also detect the Credit Card information stored on iOS devices and show you the detail if you want to view with this application.

How to use 4uKey – Password Manager app?

Step 1: Download the application and install on your computer. The app is available for Windows as well as macOS. You can get the free trial to test how the app works. If you like it, go ahead and get it licensed.

Step 2: Launch the application on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad via Lightning Connector (aka USB Cable).

Step 3: Hit the Start Scan Button to let the app find the password from your iOS device.

start scan

Step 4: Wait until the Scan is complete. Now you should get the screen with many different tabs. You can select a relevant tab depending on what type of password you want to view. For example, if you don’t remember the WiFi Password, you can simply select the Wi-Fi Account tab to view the saved WiFi Passwords. In the same way, you can select Website&App Password tab to view the password of a website or a social media app you use.

save password

If you want to export the detail, you can do it by hitting the Export button anytime. It allows exporting the detail in .csv format and also shows the suggested apps to get the best format. For example, if you want to export from here and import to Chrome, then you can select the .csv file for Chrome option while exporting.