How do I Start Dictation by Voice Command on Mac OS X

Dictation feature on Mac allows users to write anything by speaking. We already know that we can set a dedicated key to enable Dictation whenever we want; by default pressing Fn key twice starts dictation if it is already enabled. However, it can also be started by voice command, and we will tell you how.

How to Start Dictation by Voice Command on Mac

  • The first thing you need to do is enable dictation on Mac (also known as Voice to Text feature. You must check the option “Use Enhanced Dictation,” and it will download 1.2 GB file. Wait for the download completion

Enahnced Dictation Enable

  • Once downloading is complete, go back to System Preferences, and click Accessibility option
  • Tick the option “Enable the dictation keyword phrase”
  • You see the word “Computer” in the field. This word can be replaced by any word you want, e.g. Mac. To Start dictation you always need to say that word first, e.g. Computer, Start Dictation 
  • All the dictation commands are located under Dictation Commands option. Hit the option to enable/disable commands
  • Other two options are optional that you can tick or leave as it is

Start Dictation By Voice Command

  • Once you are done setting up, close the System Preferences Window
  • Now you will see Dictation icon in the menu bar

Dictation iCon

  • Be in internet browser, email, docs or any app, just say “Computer, Start Dictation” and it will start

Dictation by voice command is like Hey Siri feature, but Hey Siri feature recognizes the Master voice only, and Dictation starts just by saying the phrase (so anyone can start it by voice command).

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