Here’s How You Can Use Cell Phone Spy App Remotely

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Knowledge is power. Whoever said this knew how curious a human mind is, always seeking more information, whether it is about a product or humans. That being said, the world today endorses tracking technology. There are so many cell phone spy apps in the market that have a number of creative features to spy on a target.


Android is the most popular platform compatible on all Samsung devices. Whether you have Samsung Galaxy Note or any other model, android monitoring software works on all notable Samsung models.

How spying on android phone is done?

If your target is an android phone, such as Samsung, spying apps effortlessly allow you to monitor it. You simply need a one-time access to your target phone for installing any spy app, such as Xnspy. It takes hardly 5 minutes for installation. Viola! Your desired app is installed and you can have a remote access to the target phone anytime now.

Cell phone spy app is useful when you have to locate your target, lock its screen, or wipe data from it. This can be done when monitoring children, co-workers, or spouses. If you are missing something important from the life of a person, you can catch up on everything by spying on his cellphone. This spying on android phone is made possible through a number of apps including Xnspy.

No need to sneak into your target’s phone when he is away. Take your time tracking down each and every feature on cellphone remotely, without the knowledge of your target, and yes he/she can be busted!

How to monitor calls and texts of your target?

This is easy. When you tap on the screen of your Samsung phone, a control panel will appear providing you with endless features of a cell phone spy app. Are you willing to know whom your target is in contact with? Go to the call logs and view the entire list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The name of the contact along with the date and time is also given for verification. Further, the entire contact list as well as call duration with each contact is known.


You know people today prefer using ‘SMS’ and chat platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. to talk to each other in their daily routine. Chat conversations are cost-free so they are affordable by all. You can read through the message correspondence of your target with his contacts and see what they are talking about. In some apps like Xnspy, there is an icon for Geo Tags which determine the exact location of the target and his contact when the message was sent or received.

If you want to know if someone particular is in your target’s contact list or if there is something specific your target is texting to his contacts, you can learn all about it through watch-listing. Watch-list a specific contact name or words which you want to know about. Whenever that word is mentioned in the conversation or that person contacts your target, you will get instant alerts.

Locate your target’s location

These days corporate espionage is rampant. More and more people are coming up with problems of locating their cheating spouses or concerned for the well-being of their children. You can use the android Samsung spy to see your target’s current location through GPS tracking. Wherever your target goes, you can monitor it through your own smartphone. Even the routes which your target follows will be visible to you so that you may know if your target is making some unauthorized stops or simply slacking off time.


There are often places which you do not want your target to visit. Using the spy app on any Samsung phone, you can ensure Geo-fencing. Mark places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ so that whenever your target enters the ‘unsafe’ place, you can be instantly notified.

Remotely control the target phone

The best thing about cell phone spy apps is that they are mostly hidden apps or work in stealth mode. It’s not always that you are spying a target phone. Sometimes the target phone may be lost so you make certain that the information within that phone is not retrieved by someone else. If you have access to the target phone through spy app, you can easily lock the phone, wipe data from that target device, block certain apps, or take Live-screenshots of that Samsung phone.

Did you know?

  • Apps like Xnspy are compatible with all Samsung android devices, rooted and non-rooted.
  • Samsung spy apps are all up-to-date with the current android software.
  • Spying on the android phone provides countless features as compared to any other platform like iOS, Windows etc.